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Creative Black and White Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Chalk

black chalkboard paint and white drawings for modern wall decoration

Here is a collection of creative bedroom decorating ideas in black and white colors. Black paint and white bedding sets create strong color contrasts that harmonize bedroom decor and make rooms look unusual and unique. Creative accent wall design ideas add interest and an artistic touch to black and white bedroom decorating. Modern bedroom decor in black and white feels…

Outdoor Home Decorating Ideas and Light Blue Pink Color Combination

outdoor rooms, dining table and chairs, table decoration

Outdoor home decorating is fun. Light colors and strong contrasts, comfortable outdoor furniture and blooming flowers create pleasant and beautiful outdoor seating areas and give outdoor rooms that airy, cool and stylish look. Lushome shares a wonderful collection of outdoor home decorating ideas and a light blue-pink color combination, perfect for cottage style and ocean front home decor. The light…

Colorful Striped Chair Design Inspired by Colored Layers of Painted Desert

textile chairs, unique furniture design with colorful stripes

The colorful striped chair, inspired by amazing colors of the Painted Desert in Arizona, is a unique furniture pieces created by designer from Denmark Richard Hutten. Soon the Dutch designer will present in Milan this chair made of 545 different color layers. The inspiration for this unique furniture design project came from colorful fossils forming fantastic desert terrain in Arizona,…

Modern Home Interiors, Light Room Colors and Fresh Ideas for Interior Decorating

spring decorating and home staging ideas with white color and colorful accents

Spring decorating with light colors is a way to set fresh atmosphere and pleasant mood in a room. Changing room colors for light hues, and adding white decorating ideas to your home interiors transform rooms and create brighter environment. Lushome brings beautiful interior decorating pictures by photographer Stellan Herner, which give great inspirations for creative and stylish spring decorating or…

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Sculptural Kitchen Island Worktop from Snaidero

modern kitchen design, black and white decorating ideas

A new kitchen design from Snaidero features a sculptural kitchen island worktop with a light base and curvy lines that add fine art to modern kitchens and create stylish workspace. Lushome shares pictures of the contemporary kitchen OLA-25, designed by Snaidero and Pininfarina. Contemporary kitchen design ideas, contrasting champagne and black color combination and futuristic forms change the way modern…

25 Easter Eggs Decoration Ideas in Black and White Colors

easter ideas in black and white colors, spring holiday table centerpieces

Lushome brings a collection of contemporary ideas for Easter eggs decoration in black and white colors. These 25 striking ideas present creative ways for decorating Easter eggs in contemporary and vintage style. Black and white decorating ideas look interesting, dramatic and bright, and add fun to the beautiful spring holiday. Strong contrasts, various materials, lace, crocheted designs, unusual details and…

Black White Rooms and Modern Apartment Ideas from MA Loft

modern interiors, black and white rooms

Charming apartment ideas from Polish designers create fabulous black and white rooms with attractive interior design and decor in contemporary style. The apartment is located in the city of Gdansk, on the Baltic Sea and provide bright and luxurious living spaces for contemporary. clutter-free and comfortable lifestyle. Wooden elements and white decorating ideas, contrasting with black details, natural materials and…

Green Color for St Patrics Day Party Table Decoration, Green Holiday Ideas

white and green color combination for green holiday tables in spring

Green color and fun food decoration ideas are great for St. Patrick s Day celebration. A white and green color combination, green edible decorations, handmade crafts, green drinks and green clover leaves create fabulous St Patrick s Day party table decoration, incorporating creativity and fun into the Irish tradition. Green color is the wonderful theme for your party table for…

Chinese New Year of the Horse Bringing Grace and Energy into Modern Interior Decorating

modern interior decorating with horse images

2014 is the Horse Year according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The horse is part of a 12-year-cycle of animals that make up the Chinese zodiac. 2014 is the year of the wood horse, taking over from the year of the water snake. The new Chinese Year starts on January, 31 and brings energy and stunning beauty of the horse…

Striking Black and White Decor Ideas Creating Elegant and Modern Home Interiors

modern home decorating and designs in black and white

Black and white decor ideas are timelessly elegant, stylish and versatile. Black and white color combinations are suitable for both genders, all rooms and interior decorating styles. Lushome collected these inspiring and stylish interior decorating ideas to share with those who appreciate the sophistication of black and white decor. Simple and balanced, the black and white room decorating ideas create…

Beautiful Christmas Decor in Charming Old Fashioned Red Colors

traditional christmas decor in red colors

Traditional Christmas decor ideas and charming red colors create an amazing, festive and warm atmosphere of old-fashioned Christmas. Red colors add a nostalgic feel and familiar look to Christmas tree decorating and evoke our childhood memories of good times associated with Christmas. Christmas tree decorating with red colors, Christmas wreaths, garlands and genuine branches with red ornaments, the smell of…

Modern Interior Design Ideas Playing with Bright Room Colors and Inspiring Contrasts

modern country home design with concrete fireplace and built in furniture

This charming country home combines white decorating ideas with bright room colors, creating cheerful, light and inviting living spaces. Modern interior design ideas create an attractive blend of comfort and spaciousness, playing with textures and contrasts that enhance welcoming and colorful rooms. Modern interior design features large and small elements, unusual forms and shapes, adding interest to light rooms and…

Christmas Tree Decoration Blending Purple and Pink Colors into Winter Holiday Decor

christmas decorating with purple and pink

Christmas tree decoration in purple and pink colors are modern ideas that create unusual, romantic and fairy tale-like atmosphere in winter homes. Christmas tree decorations in pink and purple colors are stylish trends, perfect for designing unique, surprising and impressive winter holiday decor that reflect your personality. Purple and pink are fabulous Christmas colors. They blend well with silver and…

Changing Mood of Modern Kitchen Design and Decor with Relaxing Green Colors

modern kitchen interiors in green color

Green colors, from light and pale to rich and neon retro green hues, are great for creating unique and modern kitchen design. Green colors are relaxing and pleasant. Adding green color to modern kitchen design and decor brings a fresh look and natural feel into modern homes. There are a few stylish ways to use green color in kitchen design…

How to Add Blue Color to Modern Kitchen Design and Decorating

modern kitchens in blue colors

Blue hues are wonderful kitchen colors. Kitchen cabinets and shelves, kitchen island designs and wall tiles, dining furniture and decorative fabrics in blue color look cool, calming and fresh. Blue colors make people eat less food, helping to loose weight, so blue color shades and tones can be strategically added to modern kitchen design and decorating color schemes to create…

Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Adding Cool Elegance to Winter Holiday Decor

Christmas decorating with blue colors

All blue hues are perfect Christmas colors. Dark and light blue color shades and pastel tones bring cool elegance into homes and add beautiful accents to winter holiday decor. Blue Christmas lights and Christmas decorations are one of popular Christmas trends that add natural feel of ice and gorgeous look of night skies to Christmas decorating ideas. Blue Christmas tree…

Blue Paint Color and Home Furnishings, Matching Colors for Modern Interior Design and Decor

blue color matching ideas, modern interior design and home decorating

Colorful interior design trends ask for pleasant and skillful color matching. There is no wrong ways for color matching, but some color schemes, shades and tones combinations are more attractive, elegant and beautiful. Blue paint color and home furnishings in green, purple, yellowish and pink colors look harmonious, stylish and inviting. Lushome presents easy ways to combine these room colors…

Black and White Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

modern christmas colors and latest trends in decorating in black and white colors

Black and white Christmas tree decorating ideas look spectacular. There are many different ways to decorate a black or white Christmas tree, and turn a live green tree into a white decoration with artificial snow. Christmas tree decorating is very personal. You can use modern Christmas colors or stay with your favorite color combination. There is no wrong way to…

20 Modern Interior Design Ideas Inspiring to Give Character to Your Rooms

Modern interior design with unique accents, room colors and home decorations

Modern interior design trends encourage to experiment and create truly personal, interesting and impressive rooms. Whether for decorating small apartments and homes or large houses, you want to add color and texture to your home interiors and turn rooms into spectacular and comfortable living spaces with original decoration patterns, unusual shapes and surprising design ideas. Consider modern color shades as…

22 Bright Interior Design and Home Decorating Ideas with Lemon Yellow and Mint Green Flavors

light yellow and green colors for modern interior design

Yellow color is great for improving mood and health. Modern interior design and home decorating with bright and warm yellow colors create happy, cheerful and optimistic living spaces. Inspired by lemons, light yellow color is associated with brightness and sunshine. It is a warm color, so it should definitely be used to bring coziness and comfort into interior decorating color…

30 Modern Interior Design Ideas Blending Brown Color Shades with Bright and Neutral Colors

modern interior design ideas and home furnishings in brown color shades

Light and dark brown color shades are modern interior design trends. These room colors feel comfortable and safe, elegant and familiar, perfect for any interior design style, room or gender. Brown colors are great to Feng Shui interior design in 2014 and create harmonious and pleasant rooms anytime for all who were born in the year of the horse. Light…

22 Modern Ideas Adding Emerald Green Color to Your Interior Design and Decor

modern interior decorating with green, yellow and brown colors

Green color looks fantastic with brown color shades, yellow and white decorating ideas. Rich green color is one of latest trends in home decorating, and adding green accents to your interior design and decor will create fresh and stylish living spaces. Current color trends lean toward bold, vibrant and rich room colors, including green, mixed with neutral color tones and…

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