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Duel Purpose Modern Table Design Idea Making Cats Happy

CATable design ideas is a creative combination of a home office desk and a cat house. Lushome presents this unique furniture designed by Aho Ruan of LYCS Architecture that created this amazing table as a place where a feline friend can participate in a work environment. The modern table allows your cat to enjoy your company without infringing on the…

Creative Pet Design Ideas to Recycle and Make Chew Toys for Rodents

Creative design ideas add fun to cages for rodents and help recycle wood, rope and fabric pieces. Making toys for pets is a great hobby that offers simple DIY craft projects for kids and adults, – for all who want to create truly playful environment for their tiny pets. Rodents need to move and chew. Simple, made of recycled natural…

Modern Hotels for Dogs Impress with Luxurious Interior Design Ideas

Modern hotels for dogs and cats make pets and their owners feel very special offering luxurious rooms and exclusive services. Tasty and healthy food, nice interior design,¬† fur styling, massage and pedicures turn staying in these expensive hotels for dogs into a true vacation. When traveling with pets is difficult, modern five-star hotels for dogs and cats are an excellent…

22 Cat Hammocks Giving Great Inspirations for DIY Pet Furniture Design

Cat hammocks are wonderful pieces of pet furniture. Simple and dependable, they can be moved anywhere with you, while providing fun cat bed to your pet. Here is a collection of cat hammocks that give great inspirations for DIY pet beds. Wonderfully designed, these pet beds are versatile, suitable for kittens, cats, puppies and small dogs. The well-constructed frame and…

Unusual Design Ideas for Pets, Tote Bags, Strollers and Carriers for Small Pets

Dogs make wonderful travel companions, but small dogs get tired very easily. Small pets can travel in pet carriers, tote bags and strollers designed for pets, offering a great way to travel with pets. Some designs are expensive, so you can make a tote bag for your small dog or a portable cardboard cat house to carry your pet around…

Pet Umbrellas Adding Fun to Rainy Days, Modern Design Idea for Pets

Pet umbrellas are a great¬† design idea for dogs and their owners. These accessories make rainy days a little brighter. Walking your dog in the rain and returning home with your dog totally wet are not fun. The Dog Umbrella is a see-through umbrella which works as a leash also, keeping your dog out of rain, but in your control….

30 Knitted Hats and Sweaters for Cats and Dogs, Functional and Modern Pet Design Ideas

Do cats and dogs need clothes? Pets get cold. Cats and dogs shivering violently in cold need clothing. If you are not sure, there is no harm to make a nice outfit for your pet. Here is a collection of beautiful knitted hats and sweaters that present great pet design ideas. Hats, sweaters and coats for pets, and durable leather…

30 Creative Design Ideas to Reuse and Recycle Tennis Balls

Creative design ideas that help to reuse and recycle tennis balls turn used balls into unique furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures and pet dogs. Landfills are becoming over filled, so any recycling project makes a difference. Homemade crafts with used tennis balls that people normally throw away, are a great way of enhancing green living ideas and protect the environment…

Felted Pet Beds and Caves for Cats Offering Modern Accessories for Eco Friendly Decorating

Pet beds made of eco friendly felt fabrics or handmade wool felt are stylish, comfortable and unique. Felted pet beds and cat caves feel cozy, safe, warm and comfortable. Beautiful hand crafted designs bring unique decorative accents into modern interiors and help decorating homes with cats in elegant and eco friendly style. Made of felt or other natural and eco…

Spectacular Aquariums Personalizing Interior Design with Colorful Glass Fish Tanks

Consider adding an aquarium to your interior design, because there are a few reasons why you really should have it in your home. A small tropical fish aquarium on a deck or a large glass fish tank on a stand, portable or built-in glass fish tanks and hanging on a wall aquariums that look like artworks bring unique details into…

Colorful Dogs Grooming Ideas from Catherine Opson

Strikingly colorful dogs grooming ideas create unusually looking, but happy pets and their owners. Furry dogs and cats are turn into superstars by innovative and brave pet stylists. These bright and bold dogs grooming ideas are from pet groomer Catherine Opson, who lives in California. She has her own pet grooming shop and enjoys her dogs, – two poodles that…

Window Locks Improving Inteiror Design and Home Safety

Window locks make interior design safer and friendlier for kids and pets. There are some windows locks that are not easy to open, creating an additional danger factor in a home fire situation, but all window locks improve interior design, allowing for air circulation, creating pet-friendly environment in the house and safe for your kids home interiors. Window locks are…

Handmade Felted Wool Pet Beds, Comfortable and Eco Friendly Products for Cats

These beautiful pet beds that look like caves or cocoons provide cozy places for cats, add a nice rich color to your interior decorating and make your room cat-friendlier and warmer. The pet beds are made of handmade wool felt fabric and are available in various bright and neutral colors, – dark gray, sapphire blue, rich red, soft green, yellowish…

DIY Cardboard Cat Houses, 3 Creative Pet Design Ideas from Kotej

Easy to make, creative and light cat houses from Kote-j designers offer creative craft ideas and might inspire DIY projects that you and your kids will enjoy. Interesting and innovative cat houses are functional and eco friendly products. They can be created at home and show a great way for cardboard paper recycling. Kote-j cat houses are ideal portable solutions…

Modern Pet Design Ideas and Services Add Luxury to Pet Vacation Packages

Modern pet design ideas and services bring luxury into pets life and offer gorgeous retreats with a pet sun shades, delicious snacks and a little pampering to pets traveling with their owners to sunny destinations. Viceroy Riviera Maya resort, located three miles from Playa del Carmen and 35 minutes from Cancun’s international airport, your pet is welcomed to share your…

Rogz Grinz Smiling Dog Ball Toys, Pet Design Idea that Brings Smiles

This funny and creative dog ball toy from South African designer Porky Hefer brings lots of fun and smiles. The Rogz Grinz Ball Dog Toy is an interesting creation that shows bright colors and cheerful design, that will make pets and their owners feel playful and happy. The bounce and fetch ball toy for dogs is available from It…

Bohemian Dog Clothes and Accessories, Couture Dogs in New York by Paul Nathan

A book with stylish, fabulous and expensive dog clothes is designed by a photographer Paul Nathan. Pictures of best-dressed dogs, their owners and the couturiers who design custom made outfits for dogs impress

CatCase Cat Tree Design With Book Shelves, DIY Modern Cat Furniture

A cat tree with book shelves is a creative and simple modern cat furniture design idea. Catcase blends a bookcase and a cat tree in one and offers a modern furniture piece for book storage and cats play that differs

Space Saving Cat Hammock from Cat Crib, Great DIY Pet Design Idea

Cat hammock is an item for your pets that adds lots of fun to their life. Space saving cat hammock is an excellent ideas for small apartments and homes. It provide a nice, cozy and quiet place for your cat without taking much

Modern Dogs House Designs, Pet Design Ideas Reflecting Dogs Personalities

Modern dogs house designs by Architecture for Dogs are a great blend of professionally developed design ideas for pets and creative solutions, giving wonderful inspirations for do-it-yourself projects. These pet designs can be uploaded, offering innovative, stylish and sincere architecture that reflects dogs personalities and preferences. Modern pet design ideas amaze and impress. Unusual architectural designs make pets and their…

Deluxe Design Ideas for Egg Laying Pets, Chicken Coops that Make Unique Yard Decorations

Deluxe chicken coops that look like Hobbit Holes are wonderful design ideas from Wooden Wonders. The company offers these beautiful and comfortable handmade wooden coops that provide attractive and comfortable

Modern Sofa Design with Indoor Dog House Keeps Pets and Their Owners Close

Modern sofa design is inviting and comfortable for pets and their owners. Unique furniture piece features an indoor dog house, offering a blend of a seat for people and a pet bed. Clever sofa design is truly great for small

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