Money Saving Tips

20 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Modern Interior Decorating

decorative accessories and room colors for modern interior design

Personal interior decorating ideas include unique small details that change rooms. It is the little details that are vital. Small details, decorative accents, a touch of color and cute little things make big things happen in modern interior decorating. Lushome shares money saving tips, inspirations for recycling and creative interior decorating ideas that show how to personalize rooms. Spring decorating…

Creative Pet Design Ideas to Recycle and Make Chew Toys for Rodents

handmade chew toys and wood crafts to make wooden toys for rodents

Creative design ideas add fun to cages for rodents and help recycle wood, rope and fabric pieces. Making toys for pets is a great hobby that offers simple DIY craft projects for kids and adults, – for all who want to create truly playful environment for their tiny pets. Rodents need to move and chew. Simple, made of recycled natural…

20 New Years Eve Party Ideas Bringing Star Decorations into Festive Homes

new years eve and christmas decorating with star ornaments and crafts

Star decorations bring the joy of the holiday season into winter homes. Stars are versatile ad universally appealing holiday decorations, perfect for New Years Eve party. String lights with stars and handmade paper star decorations are wonderful for adding meaningful and fun ornaments to winter decoration. The fun of decorating your home for a New Years Eve party with beautiful…

2 Quick and Cheap Ideas to Shut Interior Doors Tightly with Handmade Door Pads

diy door pad to shut interior doors tightly

Handmade door pads are smart design ideas that help shut interior doors tightly before you adjust and fix your door frame problems. Knitted or made of leather, cotton, wool or eco felt fabrics, these small door pads are quick and easy solutions for interior doors that save your money. Lushome presents two wonderful, simple, creative and cheap ideas to keep…

Financing for Unusual Architectural Designs, 22 Amazing House Exterior Design Ideas

unusual homes and buildings

Unusual architectural designs and amazing homes bring more fun into our life. Ideal homes for many have a few functional rooms that are designed and decorated in popular styles. Very seldom people think of living in a home which goes beyond its usual basic functions and traditional look while reflecting individual tastes and personality. Unusual architectural design and strange homes…

15 Floral Table Centerpiece Ideas Recycling Colorful Fall Leaves

handmade floral table centerpieces recycling fall leaves

Colorful maple leaves make wonderful fall decorations for holiday tables, windows and door wreaths. Recycling maple leaves for handmade table centerpieces is a great way to enjoy fall crafts, show your creativity and resourcefulness and save money on fall decorating. This rose bouquet created with maple leaves looks surprising, bright and unique. Colorful leaves and a thread are all you…

Colorful Fall Decorating in Vintage Style for Fireplace Mantels

fall decorations for fireplace mantel in vintage style

Fall decorating ideas are about coziness, warmth and bright autumn leaves colors. Here is a gorgeous collection of fireplace decorating ideas that blend antique items and natural decor into beautiful displays in vintage style. The fireplace mantel is the only front piece of the traditional fireplaces that you can easily decorate, personalizing your room. Antique decor accessories, combined with colorful…

Modular Design Ideas for Lighting and Small Home Appliances

modular system of elements for small appliances

Modular design ideas are one of trends that influence modern lighting and small appliances. Modular system of elements for creating lighting fixtures and small appliances is innovative, fresh and practical. The device allows to use various elements for creating several functional things, from a table lamp and fan to a shoe drier, projector and cup warmer. The table lamp and…

25 Recycling Ideas Turning Clutter into Creative Wall Decorations

recycling ideas and using unusual items for wall decoration

Creative wall decorations are great for personalizing rooms with unique designs. Ideas that reuse and recycle clutter items are perfect for budget decorating. Decluttering and recycling paper, wood and metal ideas, making decorations with fabrics or tableware can make a room look unique and stylish. Used clothes and old fabrics can be used for creating amazing floor rugs and furniture…

Recycling Tree Stumps for Yard Decorations to Remove Tree Stumps Naturally and Effortlessly

recycling tree-stump for planter and decorating with flowers

Tree stumps can be annoying eyesores that remind of dead or broken trees. Recycling tree stumps for yard decorations and decorating them with flowers are a wonderful way to remove stumps naturally and effortlessly. A natural method of tree stump removal is a great alternative to traditional stump grinding or manual work. Recycling is decomposition. Rotting and decaying is easy,…

Reuse and Recycle Clothes to Get the Latest Looks and Well Organized Closets

reuse and recycle clothes

There are so many reasons to get rid of some of your clothes. It can be out of style or you got tired of its color, it evokes sad memories or does not fit anymore. Sometimes it is hard to organize our closets because they are so full of all sort of useless or just sentimental clothes we do not…

Smart Prefabricated Soleta ZeroEnergy House Design for Comfortable Green Living

prefabricated house design with modular elements

Prefabricated house design project is developed by Romanian architects, offering a comfortable and beautiful dwelling for green living, enjoying the natural connection with surroundings and saving money on building. This prefabricated house design features a self-supporting wood frame, made off site and assembled quickly and easily at the selected location. The eco friendly house is built with 97 per cent…

Natural Backyard Landscaping Ideas Save Money Creating Wildlife Friendly Garden Designs

small pond and flowers for backyard design

Natural backyard landscaping is a wonderful way to create eco friendly outdoor living spaces that allows to save money and effort on gardening and spend more time enjoying the natural beauty of the spectacular surroundings. Beautiful wildlife-friendly backyard landscaping ideas create gorgeous garden designs with tranquil and peaceful atmosphere attracting birds, bees and butterflies. Natural landscaping ideas are great for…

Making Simple Towel Rack out of Thick Metal Wire and Saving Money on Home Decorating

interior decorating with handmade towel racks

Simple towel racks can be used inside and outdoor, adding a practical and convenient design to your living spaces. The handmade metal wire towel rack will help keep towels and garden gloves off the floor, dry and clean. You can make a few metal wire towel racks for your outdoor rooms, garage and swimming pool area, or paint handmade towel…

Quick Fixes Staging Home Interiors for Sale that Brings Profit

white kitchen cabinets and island design

Small repairs are a part of staging your home interiors for sale that pays off. Combined with decluttering, organizing, light and elegant interior decorating, quick fixes prepare properties for sale that brings profit. Clean and neat look turns into beautiful home presentation and helps sell a house quick and for the best market price. Small things often create big changes….

Growing with Children Furniture, Froc Chair Design Blending Safety and Look

young kids furniture

Growing with children furniture is an interesting, creative and practical modern trend in kids furniture. Growing with children furniture design allows to adjust the height of kids chairs and tables and create more comfortable studying and playing areas for every kid, from a toddler to a middle school age child. Froc chair, is an attractive high chair for all…

Handmade Easter Tree Decorations Offer Stunning Alternatives to Commercial Easter Ideas

contemporary easter ideas, handmade crafts

Easter tree decorations that are handmade with natural materials are a great, contemporary and eco friendly alternative to commercial Easter ideas. A small Easter tree makes a gorgeous table centerpiece for dining table, side table or coffee table. Large Easter trees create impressive front yard and backyard designs, surprising kids and adults with unusual and bright home decorations. Small and…

Modern Interior Decorating Ideas Incorporating Indoor Plants into Healthy and Beautiful Room Decor

green indoor plants black ceramic planter

Indoor plants make interior design and decor not only green and beautiful, but create a healthy atmosphere. There are few good reasons to add indoor plants to your interior decorating and stylishly incorporate attractive planters into your home decor. Indoor plants are natural air purifiers. Old houses and new homes can harbor dangerous toxins in the air such as benzene,…

Personalize Interior Decorating with Handmade Leather Flowers, Craft Ideas that Save Money

handmade wall decorations, framed leather flowers

Interior decorating with unique items made of natural materials can embellish your rooms, transforming them into luxurious and exclusive. It is a pleasure to personalize your home interiors with handmade crafts, like leather flowers that look elegant and rich, unique and striking. Leather flowers can adorn a basket or a decorative vase, creating a fantastic table centerpiece or shelf decoration….

Adding Beautiful Wallpapers to Stairs Risers for Original Staircase Designs

beautiful wallpapers for home decorating, staircase design

Beautiful wallpapers with geometric, abstract or floral patterns are excellent for decorating staircases in a unique and creative style. Staircase designs are challenging for decorating, and many people leave stairs bare. The collection of interesting staircase decorating ideasĀ  is for those who choose to use staircases to make statements. Adding beautiful wallpapers to staircase designs create interesting stairs risers, enrich…

Simple and Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas Showing Love in Elegant Style

handmade valentines day gift

Naturally some Valentines gifts are bigger than others, but even small handmade presents can be elegant and impressive. The amount of effort you put into handmade gifts in exchange for how happy they make

Fabulous Knit Throw Patterns Adding Warm Texture to Modern Room Decorating

cable knit throw in gray color

Knit throw and pillows add a decorative touch to any living room or bedroom, bringing softness and warmth into room decorating in fall and winter. Knit throw and pillows look beautiful in kids rooms and home

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