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20 Coffee Table Decoration Ideas Creating Wonderful Floral Centerpieces

coffee table decorations and centerpieces with flowers

Lushome brings 20 beautiful coffee table decoration ideas that will inspire to create wonderful floral centerpieces, combined with other home decorations. These table decorations and centerpieces are versatile and great for all modern home interiors, give interior decorating a fresh and attractive look. Surprising blends of various home decorations into centerpieces for coffee tables enhance interior decorating with various textures…

22 Unique Furniture Design Ideas Brought to Life in Modern Sofas

living room furniture, unusual sofa

Sofa is the most important home furnishing piece, especially for creating comfortable living room design.  Modern sofas are functional and elegant. These furniture items turn living spaces into relaxing and inviting rooms. There are modern sofas in various styles, materials, designs, sizes and colors in the market, allowing to find the perfect sofa for every living room. Lushome brings to…

Coffee Table Bringing Graffiti Art into Modern Interiors

unique furniture design idea, coffee table decorated with graffiti

Coffee Table Graffiti brings modern art into creative interior design, blending functionality and stunning appeal into colorful and unique furniture piece that makes a statement. Lushome presents this amazing coffee table from Vans the Omega. Graffiti is a modern trend in decorating. Graffiti art is used to adorn walls of modern houses and commercial buildings. Graffiti wallpaper designs and wall…

Frameless Modern Sofas Made of Soft Feather Filled Cushions

modern sofa in round shape made with feather cushions, unique furniture

This amazing, soft and modern sofa is perfect for a huge open space. The frameless, impressive and unique furniture piece makes a statement and add a gorgeous accent to contemporary interior design, creating one of a kind room. The Aster Papposus is the sofa from Edra, and designed by Campana Brothers Humberto and Fernando. While all of their designs…

Glass Top Coffee Table Ronda Blending Chic Simplicity with Unique Furniture Design Style

round glass top coffee table with metal details

Glass top coffee tables are perfect for spacious and bright interior design. Glass top coffee tables with shelves allow to use unique home decorations and create intimate room decor with spectacular displays. The Ronda Coffee Table is a modern living room furniture item that is fabulous, innovative and elegant. The glass top coffee table blends the traditional round shape and…

Suspended Glass Bathtub Sphere Brings Innovative Design into Modern Interiors

glass bathtub design

A glass bathtub shaped like a sphere is innovative, extravagant and impressive. The bathtub Bathsphere from designer Alexander Zhukovsky adds a futuristic feel to modern bathroom design and offers to decorate modern bathroom interiors with a spectacular hanging from the ceiling bathtub made of glass. The glass bathtub is a contemporary alternative to cast iron tubs in vintage style. The…

Adding Chic to Modern Living Rooms with Deco Sofa by Autoban

modern sofa for living rooms

This modern sofa  is a comfortable and unique furniture piece which offers a nice place to relax and adds a stunning accent to modern living rooms design. The Deco Sofa from De la Espada demonstrate interesting design blending functionality with chic. Unusual details make the sofa a stunning centerpiece for living rooms design. The Deco Sofa is a modernist furniture…

Modern Coffee Tables from Bonaldo Reinventing Round Shapes for Distinctive Interior Design

living room furniture italian

Modern coffee table design Orion reinvents a traditional round shape in a stylish and innovative way. The Orion Coffee Table from Bonaldo looks familiar and novel, adding a striking centerpiece to modern living room design. Coffee tables are functional and versatile living room furniture pieces, essential for creating comfortable, inviting and cozy living room designs. Modern coffee tables give an…

25 Hanging Fireplaces Adding Chic to Contemporary Interior Design

modern fireplaces, hanging fireplace design ideas for contemporary home interiors

Suspended from a ceiling hanging fireplaces look spectacular. Contemporary fireplace design in minimalist style is a strong trend that bring unusual and impressive modern fireplaces into home interiors. A suspended from a ceiling fireplace does not take valuable floor and wall spaces and adds a creative and stunning accent to contemporary interior design ideas. The thing is that it is…

22 Living Room Furniture Placement Ideas Creating Functional Modern Home Interiors

modern living room furniture placement and living room designs

Modern living room designs became multifunctional while continuing to be stylish and beautiful. One of busiest rooms in the house, a modern living room is a place to hangs out, entertain with friends or relax watching a favorite TV show. Comfortable, functional and attractive living room furniture placement is an integral part of  modern living room designs that add functionality…

Cozy Living Room Designs with Fireplaces Defined by Sunken and Raised Floor Areas

triangular seating area with recessed floor

Sunken and raised floor areas create height variances between rooms or areas and define functional zones, creating cozy seating areas in 60s style that are arranged around fireplaces. Sunken and raised floor is a home decoration idea that reinvent the unique interior design trend and brings these architectural designs into modern homes. Sunken living room designs are nostalgic and surprising….

Modern Interior Design Ideas to Steal Creating Tropical Paradise

living room seating area and computer desk

These modern interior design ideas and gorgeous outdoor rooms can inspire you to add luxury and charm of Exclusive villas in Maldives to your home decorating, creating a relaxing and beautiful tropical paradise for vacationing at home. Modern interior design and chic decor creates spectacular and inviting rooms and outdoor spaces overlooking the wonderful blue waters. The Coco Privé resort…

Purple, Red and Light Green Color Combinations that Differentiate Modern Living Room Designs

green and purple color scheme for living room design

Rich purple, red and light green colors create beautiful interior color schemes that make modern living room designs look unique, sophisticated and stylish. Selecting interior color schemes is one of the most crucial elements of interior design. Color creates and defines any project, emphasizing modern home decorating. How do you make your living room stand out while looking elegant and…

3 Modern Living Room Designs in Fresh Green Color Inspired by Spring Decorating

spring decorating with yellow and green color shades

Modern living room designs in bright green color feel fresh and inspiring. Spring decorating brings beautiful interior color schemes including fresh green color shades. Combined with light home fabrics, complimenting yellow and blue accents, stylish red , pink or purple touches and natural light, green color schemes brighten up modern interior design welcoming the spring season and staging home interiors…

Bringing Modern Lighting Design into your Living Room and Lighting Up Your Life in Style

track lighting fixture in living room

Your living room is arguably the most important interior in your home when you have guests over. An attractive living room design with modern lighting fixtures serves to both let your guests relax and showcase your abilities and tastes as a host. The guest post by Ross Donald, a writer and interior design expert with the light fixtures suppliers at…

Small Apartment Life Edited with Creative Transformer Furniture for Small Spaces

living room with telescopec dining table

Life Edited is a very small apartment in New York, designed for unpretentious, but comfortable lifestyle. This small apartment offer 39 sq m or 420 sq ft, but offers what a single person needs. Square shaped apartment design incorporates transformer furniture pieces that can be folded and hidden away. A living room design includes a small home office and can…

Elegant Parisian Apartment Decorating Ideas in Vintage Style by Vanessa Bruno

asian silk pollow on vintage chair and contemporary painting on wall

Elegant apartment decorating ideas from Parisian fashion designer Vanessa Bruno blend inexpensive decor with antique elements and vintage furniture, bright light, natural wood and exotic decor accessories

Alternative Living Room Furniture Design Idea by Kei Harada, Flower Inspired Okeeffe Sofa

friendly for kids furniture design

Alternative furniture design brings surprising and innovative ideas, creating home furnishings that is impressive, comfortable and playful. Japanese designer Kei Harada showed an inviting piece of family room or living

Casual Modern Living Room Designs with Colorful Decor

orange wall paint and decorative pillows on green sofa

Casual living room designs that are family friendly, comfortable and relaxing, can be decorated in bright colors and feature stylish decor items. Modern living room designs allow the whole family to enjoy the room without

20 Modern Living Room Designs with Elegant Family Friendly Decor

contemporary living room furniture

Modern living room designs that are family friendly can look very elegant and stylish. Even if you have young kids your living room can look more attractive, organized and pleasant than a room in a day-care center

20 Cozy Living Room Designs with Fireplace and Family Friendly Decor

living room design with storage shelves and fireplace

Fireplaces make living room designs feel cozy and inviting. Creating a space that the whole family will love is an exciting task. Living room designs that incorporate inviting colors, comfortable furniture and functional layout

Sleeping Loft with Translucent Walls, Modern Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

living room with loft bed

A sleeping loft is a creative and functional solution for small spaces. Modern house design with a sleeping loft is a way to stretch existing small spaces. A sleeping loft gives old home redesign or home staging a dynamic

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