Kitchen Ideas

Small Kitchens and Space Saving Ideas to Create Ergonomic Modern Kitchen Design

space saving ideas and layout designs for small kitchens

Small kitchen design needs to be extra comfortable and functional. Attractive and ergonomic small kitchens look cozy and inviting, offering functional areas for cooking and cleaning. Some small kitchens can have a laundry washing machine and a stylish small zone for dining. Small kitchens can have it all and look elegant, modern and beautiful. Lushome shares 20 pictures of small…

Smart Modern Ideas Make Luxury Kitchen Design and Remodeling More Affordable

kitchen remodeling ideas and inspirations, beautiful kitchen interiors and dining rooms

Smart kitchen design ideas, selection of modern materials and good remodeling plan make luxury kitchens more affordable. A small budget for modern kitchen remodel is not a problem. You can have one of the luxury kitchen designs that you saw in house design and interior decorating magazines. Careful planning, smart selection of materials and spending money wisely allow to create…

Innovative and Unique Modern Kitchens Designed with Stone, Steel, Wood, Ceramic and Plastic

modern kitchens and decorating materials for kitchen cabinets and island designs

Modern kitchens from Giulia Novars are functional, elegant and aesthetically appealing, featuring beautiful furniture design that meets the most modern trends and contemporary ideas of ergonomics. Good planning and efficient equipment bring the latest technology and kitchen design ideas into modern homes. Lushome brings a collection of modern kitchens from Giulia Novars to demonstrate the latest trends in contemporary kitchen…

20 Modern Kitchen Designs Enhanced with Warm Wood and Sophisticated Leather

modern kitchens with wood and leather furniture for dining areas

One of modern kitchen design trends is blending natural materials and unexpected ideas into unique, beautiful and luxurious home interiors. The functionality of modern kitchen interiors is enhanced and emphasized with a gorgeous wood and leather combination. Wood and leather in kitchen furniture, lamps and decorations bring sophistication and chic into modern kitchen design. Wood and leather can give kitchen…

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Sculptural Kitchen Island Worktop from Snaidero

modern kitchen design, black and white decorating ideas

A new kitchen design from Snaidero features a sculptural kitchen island worktop with a light base and curvy lines that add fine art to modern kitchens and create stylish workspace. Lushome shares pictures of the contemporary kitchen OLA-25, designed by Snaidero and Pininfarina. Contemporary kitchen design ideas, contrasting champagne and black color combination and futuristic forms change the way modern…

22 Modern Kitchen Organization Ideas and Home Staging Tips for Sink Areas

modern kitchens sinks, storage and organizing tips

Modern kitchen organization and home staging ideas help to create clutter-free, beautiful and functional kitchen interiors and turn sink areas into comfortable, functional and attractive spaces. Modern kitchen organization and home staging are a great way to transform large and small kitchens into stylish and elegant home interiors with simple and easy interior decorating ideas. Lushome offer a collection of…

Eclectic Interior Decorating Ideas for Modern Kitchens and Dinig Rooms

interior design in eclectic style

Modern interior decorating in eclectic style make our homes unique and comfortable, attractive and stylish, blending our personalities, favorite colors and textures into creative, interesting and surprising combinations. Lushome shares 10 beautiful interiors in eclectic style to enjoy and use these home decorating ideas for creating modern kitchens and dining rooms that make a statement. Modern interior decorating ideas in…

Modern Wall Tiles for Kitchen Backsplashes, Popular Tiled Wall Design Ideas

modern kitchen tiles and tiled backsplash designs

Rectangular and square-shaped, ceramic, stone, metal and glass wall tiles are popular and modern tile designs for kitchen walls. Rectangular and square-shaped wall tiles allow to create fabulous backsplash ideas and experiment with various textures, wall decoration patterns and colors. Lushome shares an inspiring collection of wall design ideas created with kitchen tiles that add brightness and style to modern…

Modern Wall Tiles, 15 Creative Kitchen Stove Backsplash Ideas

modern ideas for tiled kitchen backsplash designs

Ceramic tiles, glass and metal mosaic tile designs are great stove backsplash ideas. Modern wall tiles create very beautiful, practical and functional stove backsplash designs while adding unique decorative accents to kitchen interiors. Lushome shares a collection of 15 attractive and creative backsplash ideas designed with wall tiles that turn stove walls into stunning centerpieces. Wall tiles can be installed…

Modern Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Consider Before Renovation and Redesign

modern kitchens, design and decor ideas

Simple and modern kitchen decorating ideas that give a lift to kitchen interiors help to improve space appearance and save money before complete renovation and redesign. Kitchen is the heart of the home. Modern kitchen decorating offers a spacious and attractive area for the family to eat and spend time together with friends. Modern kitchen design, a comfortable layout and…

Creative Kitchen Decorating with Colorful Food and Yummy Food Replicas

modern kitchen decor ideas, edible decorations, food and replicas

Modern kitchen decorating ideas include healthy and simple solutions, like colorful food, recycled crafts and realistic food replicas. Lushome brings a collection of creative kitchen decorating ideas and tips to get your wheels turning for designing amazing, cheap, bright and unique kitchen decor with food. Modern kitchens can be dramatically transformed with one decor element that best describes these functional…

Modern Kitchen Tiles, 7 Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Designs

modern kitchen tiles and backsplash designs

Modern kitchen tiles create beautiful walls and kitchen backsplash designs. Modern wall tiles for kitchen interiors are practical, elegant and attractive backsplash ideas. Lushome presents 7 interesting examples that may inspire you to create unique, functional and modern kitchen backsplash designs with wall tiles. Kitchen tiles is an excellent way to bring style, color and texture into homes by adding…

Handmade Modern Tableware and Decor Accessories Inspired by Colorful Fruits

colored resin tableware, dishes, vases and bowls inspired by fruits

The Fruit Ninja collection of colorful homeware items is inspired by the beautiful textures and bright colors of fruits. Eco friendly tableware and decor accessories are designed by Mathery and handmade in Melbourne. The amazing design idea, that allows to incorporate the look of fruit skins into attractive vases, bowls, dishes and glass coasters, is innovative, original and interesting. The…

Modern Kitchen Cabinets to Customize and Style Kitchen Interiors

wooden kitchen cabinets for inexpensive modern kitchens

Modern kitchen cabinets are an important part of interior design. Kitchen cabinets are often one of the costliest components in a new or remodeled kitchen design, and this component dramatically change the way kitchens look and feel. Kitchen cabinets that are elegant and timelessly modern, durable and functional are ideal for kitchen design. Modern kitchen cabinets, which add to the…

Retractable Kitchen Hood Adding Steel Chic to Contemporary Kitchen Design

contemporary kitchen design with steel hood

This contemporary kitchen hood design idea blends industrial feel, innovative look and steel chic into contemporary kitchen design. The metal kitchen hood from Italian designer Samuel Codegoni presents the unconventional hood Paero, perfect for elegant, impressive and functional contemporary kitchens. The design idea from ByCode, is a mix of industrial functionality, minimalism and oriental elegance. The steel kitchen hood…

25 Modern Ideas for Small Kitchen Design, Latest Trends in Decorating

modern kitchen interiors and decorating ideas

Small kitchen design and decorating are challenging. Designers around the world project various versions of what the future might hold for small kitchen design and decorating. Space saving ideas, Green designs and functionality, combined with comfortable feel, stylish look and high tech appliances are main elements of modern kitchen designs that are energy efficient, multifunctional, eco-friendly and inviting. There is…

10 Creative Design Ideas Offering Perfect Gifts for Coffee Lovers

unique gift ideas for coffee lovers, coffee mugs

Unusual design ideas continue surprise and delight, offering great gift ideas for Christmas, birthday, wedding anniversary or any other holidays and special events. Finding wonderful gift ideas became so much easier with the internet. Going window shopping for the best instant coffee or unusual coffee cups, is quick and simple. If you know that the recipient whom you are buying…

Colorful Glass Backsplash Ideas Adding Digital Prints to Modern Kitchen Design

modern kitchen backsplashes made with glass panels and digital printing

Modern glass backsplash ideas offer many options for creating unique and stylish kitchen interiors. Glass mosaic tiles and glass panels, combined with digital prints, are fabulous kitchen backsplash design trends that add bright colors, abstract, floral and geometric patterns, beautiful seascapes and landscapes, fish and birds images and panoramic vies of large cities to modern kitchen design. Glass backsplash ideas…

Changing Mood of Modern Kitchen Design and Decor with Relaxing Green Colors

modern kitchen interiors in green color

Green colors, from light and pale to rich and neon retro green hues, are great for creating unique and modern kitchen design. Green colors are relaxing and pleasant. Adding green color to modern kitchen design and decor brings a fresh look and natural feel into modern homes. There are a few stylish ways to use green color in kitchen design…

How to Add Blue Color to Modern Kitchen Design and Decorating

modern kitchens in blue colors

Blue hues are wonderful kitchen colors. Kitchen cabinets and shelves, kitchen island designs and wall tiles, dining furniture and decorative fabrics in blue color look cool, calming and fresh. Blue colors make people eat less food, helping to loose weight, so blue color shades and tones can be strategically added to modern kitchen design and decorating color schemes to create…

20 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas Adding Stylish Color to Home Decorating

color design ideas for modern kitchens

Color is a modern kitchen design idea that brings energy into your home and helps create unique, bright and very personal decor. There are a few ways you can add bright color hues to your your, including creating colorful kitchen design with bright cabinets, wallpaper patterns, wall paint, wall shelves, Kitchen cabinets add large surfaces to kitchen design, so selecting…

25 Small Kitchen Designs with Spacious Dining Area and Airy Feel

modern kitchen with dining area

Small kitchen designs can look bright and light, especially if it is possible to maximize kitchen storage spaces, creating efficient and functional interior design. It allows to add a spacious dining area to a small kitchen and create a pleasant illusion of airy and comfortable cooking and dining space. Small kitchen designs look fabulous when designers are able to carve…

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