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30 Modern Interior Design Ideas Adding Fun to Room Decor with Playful Swings and Hammock Chairs

swing and hammock chair designs for room decorating

Swings and hammock chairs are great for outdoor entertainment and indoor fun. Modern interior design with swings and hammock chairs are one of latest trends in decorating homes and offices. These playful seats started to appear in modern interiors often, bringing swinging energy and joy into interior design and room decorating. Lushome shares a collection of modern interior design ideas…

Foldable Cardboard Tents Offering Light Portable Shelters

recycling paper for making cardboard shelters

Cardboard tents are temporary shelters, designed for homeless people. The tents are a simple solution for them, offered by Californian nonprofit organization Cardborigami. The tent are portable and designed for warm weather. Lushome shares this design idea with its readers. The tent is a shelter that can be easily assembles and disassembles. Created for homeless people, the design idea of…

Great Design Idea Turns Table Cover into Kids Tent, Creative Craft Ideas

tablecloth playhouse for kids, diy and craft ideas

Great design idea, that can add more fun to kids room decorating and turn backyards into playgrounds, is found on and belongs to craftsmen from Vilnus, Lithuania. The table cover that looks like a house is a wonderful idea for your kids room and backyard designs. You can buy or make a similar table cover and create a kids…

25 Ideas Recycling Furniture for DIY Kids Play Kitchen Designs

handmade kids play kitchen designs and recycling furniture ideas

DIY kid play kitchen designs give children their own grown up spaces, designed and decorated especially for young cooks. Recycling old furniture pieces for a play kitchen or transforming inexpensive new cabinets, tables and chairs into creative kids play kitchen designs are wonderful way to delight your children and save money on kids playroom ideas. Here is a collection of…

Transofrmer Design Idea from Bless, Space Saving Workbed

transformer design ideas, office furniture, table and bed

Workbed is a transformer furniture pieces that is designed for serving as a large office desk or craft table and a bed. This creative and unique furniture design idea belongs designer Mira Schroder from design studio BLESS, who developed this amazing bed and table duo. Transformer  design ideas for space saving furniture are modern trends in decorating small apartments and…

Frameless Modern Sofas Made of Soft Feather Filled Cushions

modern sofa in round shape made with feather cushions, unique furniture

This amazing, soft and modern sofa is perfect for a huge open space. The frameless, impressive and unique furniture piece makes a statement and add a gorgeous accent to contemporary interior design, creating one of a kind room. The Aster Papposus is the sofa from Edra, and designed by Campana Brothers Humberto and Fernando. While all of their designs…

22 Beautiful Home Library Design Ideas for Large Rooms and Small Spaces

book storage ideas and home library design

Having a library in your home creates a personal place, a wonderful retreat from everyday problems. If you do not have a separate room for your home library design, then creative book storage ideas will enhance any room, from living room or home office to dining room and hallway interiors. The first thing to decide is the style of your…

Piano Painting and Decorating with Decals or Wall Stickers to Beautify Kids Room Design

painting piano and decorating with decals

Piano painting ideas can add attractive color design and decoration patterns to your interior, and decals or wall stickers help further enhance creative and unusual piano decorating ideas. Easy and quick decorating with decals and wall stickers is a great way to personalize a piano and add character to a room. Easy to apply, interesting and modern decals add more…

Charming Summer House, Retreat with Gorgeous Views

lakefront small house summer cabin

Summer houses and cottages can become our retreats, sanctuaries, places to unwind and regenerate ourselves. A garden house or a small summer cabin can be transformed into a charming cottage with inexpensive and personalized home decorating ideas that express your taste and a lifestyle. Cottage decorating ideas that bring the outdoors into summer house interiors create simple, elegant and pleasant…

Creative Room Decorating Ideas Adding Fun of Hammocks to Interior Design

modern interior design with hammocks

Modern interior design with a hammock bed may look unusual and surprising, but hammocks are great ideas for guest bedroom, home office or kids room decorating, adding fun resting places and space saving extra beds for your guests. A hanging in your room hammock connects two points which symbolize the beginning and the end of your exotic holidays, bringing relaxing…

Inspiring Kids Playroom Ideas from German Designers

kids room decorating with wood, brown and green colors

The eco friendly, creative and modern kids playroom ideas are envisioned by German designers Nathalie Bepler and Lilia Kleemann. The inspiring and playful interior design enhances spaces for kids in  the Kita Drachenreiter Kindergarten, located Berlin. Kids playroom ideas enrich interior design with surprising and fun details, creating interesting and stimulating spaces for kids to grow and be happy. Eco…

Modern Interior Design for Students with Modular Furniture on Wheels

modern interior design and kids playroom ideas

Modern interior design for students from Moscow base architectural studio Ruetemple creates a spacious room with large windows in the walls and inclined roof that offer beautiful views and brighten up all zones of this unique interior. Comfortable and functional zones are designed for studying or work and rest. The modern interior design ideas look playful and adventurous, blending work…

25 Hanging Fireplaces Adding Chic to Contemporary Interior Design

modern fireplaces, hanging fireplace design ideas for contemporary home interiors

Suspended from a ceiling hanging fireplaces look spectacular. Contemporary fireplace design in minimalist style is a strong trend that bring unusual and impressive modern fireplaces into home interiors. A suspended from a ceiling fireplace does not take valuable floor and wall spaces and adds a creative and stunning accent to contemporary interior design ideas. The thing is that it is…

25 Mini Home Bar and Portable Bar Designs Offering Convenient Space Saving Ideas

small home bar designs and portable bars

Mini home bar designs and portable home bars add convenient space saving ideas that improve functionality of interior design. Great portable home bars designs offer flexibility to move your home bar to any room or outside in summer. Space saving furniture design, small side tables and console tables with shelves work well as miniature and portable home bars that create…

Modern Space Saving Furniture for Home Bar Designs

modern space saving furniture for home bar designs

Modern space saving furniture can be integrated into your interior design for adding a small home bar design to your home. A den, a family room, a dining room or living room can be used for entertaining your guests offering them a relaxing home bar environment to enjoy. The perfect modern home bar furniture for designing a small home bar…

30 Beautiful Home Bar Designs, Furniture and Decorating Ideas

home bar design ideas, furniture and decorative accessories

Home bar designs offer great pleasure and a stylish way to entertain at home. Home bar designs add values to homes and beautify the game room and basement living spaces. Home bar designs look luxurious and exciting enhanced by traditional or modern home bar furniture and interesting decorating ideas, Home bar designs can be inspired by various wonderful themes, from…

KLIKO Kids Furniture and Toys Blend Fun into Inflatable Furniture Design Ideas

inflatable kids furniture and toys for indoor and outdoor

KLIKO is a set of inflatable blocks for creative indoor and outdoor furniture design. The lightweight blocks make wonderful kids toys and can be used in swimming pools also. The kids furniture and toys set is compact and allows to create large structures, kids furniture and floating toys with its light inflatable blocks. Kids can design any playful structures or…

Garage Renovation Project Adding Green Pavilion to Natural Garden Design

garden design with pavilion dining room and kitchen

The Green Box is a wonderful garden hideaway and a functional garden pavilion which can be used as a summer kitchen with a dining room, a home art studio, a green house, a storage space and a hobby room. A simple, single-story structure in a natural garden is created by act_romegialli, turning an old garage into a green building…

Pirate Ship Play House Design Adding Fun to Kids Backyard Ideas

kids backyard ideas, playground design

Creative kids playroom ideas can inspire wonderful play house designs and add more interest to backyards in summer. The Pirate Ship play house design offers a wonderful play area right on your lawn, adding more joy to summer fun. Little kids will love the Pirate Ship playhouse from Hammacher Schlemmer, which make a fantastic addition to backyard designs and…

22 Home Art Studio Design and Decorating Ideas that Create Inspiring Spaces

Beautiful and inspiring home art studio ideas

The best thing about home art studio design and decorating is that the artists do not need to follow any rules  creating very personal, comfortable and inspiring spaces. These extraordinary gifted people of our society find it hard to separate themselves from their work, so home art studio design and decorating ideas reflect their personalizes, favorite colors and unique styles….

22 Home Art Studio Ideas, Interior Design Reflecting Personality and Artworks

art studio design and decor

Home art studio ideas vary in design styles, creating comfortable and functional spaces for artists. Bright home art studio design creates inspiring and private places where artists paint without any problems or anybody disturbing them.  An ideal home art studio design features giant windows making it easier to work with shades and light. The collection of wow home art studio…

Wigwam Tents Blending Kids Playroom Ideas into Cozy Children Bedroom Decorating

wigwam, kids playroom ideas

Wigwams are wonderful kids toys and interior decorating accessories that bring kids playroom ideas into children bedroom decorating and create beautiful, personal and cozy places for kids. A wigwam is great for interior decorating and your backyard, offering a pretty nook to play or rest. A wigwam brings an interesting interior decorating theme and a unique shape into children bedroom…

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