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Eclectic Interior Decorating Ideas for Modern Kitchens and Dinig Rooms

interior design in eclectic style

Modern interior decorating in eclectic style make our homes unique and comfortable, attractive and stylish, blending our personalities, favorite colors and textures into creative, interesting and surprising combinations. Lushome shares 10 beautiful interiors in eclectic style to enjoy and use these home decorating ideas for creating modern kitchens and dining rooms that make a statement. Modern interior decorating ideas in…

Exotic Metal Lamps and Patterns Enhancing Modern Interior Design in Eclectic Style

colorful modern interiors in eclectic style

Modern interior design that blends various styles, textures and colors with your favorite decor accessories, home fabrics and creative lighting fixtures can turn your dining room into interesting space which feels comfortable and very personal. Eclectic interior decorating is an excellent idea to give character, modern vibe and unique charm to your dining room. Lushome shares a unique project that…

Modern Ideas, Crumbled and Knitted Porcelain Tableware Designs in Contemporary Style

crumbled and knitted surfaces, modern tableware and porcelain vases for interior decorating

Crumbled tableware and decor accessories, like flower pots, fruit holders and decorative vases, reflect the latest trends in contemporary ceramic designs, bringing fresh ideas, surprising texture and style into modern interior decorating. Lushome presents a collection of creative porcelain tableware and decor accessories manufactured on porcelain factory Piebalgas Porcelana Fabrika in Latvia. Very interesting, stylish and unique creations, white porcelain…

Handmade Modern Tableware and Decor Accessories Inspired by Colorful Fruits

colored resin tableware, dishes, vases and bowls inspired by fruits

The Fruit Ninja collection of colorful homeware items is inspired by the beautiful textures and bright colors of fruits. Eco friendly tableware and decor accessories are designed by Mathery and handmade in Melbourne. The amazing design idea, that allows to incorporate the look of fruit skins into attractive vases, bowls, dishes and glass coasters, is innovative, original and interesting. The…

Unique Dining Table Mixing Glass and Solid Wood Furniture Design Elements

modern furniture design, dining table with wooden top and glass panel base

This dining table with a solid wood tabletop and glass legs is designed by Daniele Lago and called the Air Wildwood Table. The modern dining table blends the spectacular beauty of old wood block with contemporary transparent legs created with glass. The wooden tabletop is combined with clear tempered glass panels that work as legs, creating a stylish and unique…

22 New Years Eve Party Table Decorations and Centerpieces Spicing Up Holiday Decor with Cinnamon Aroma

new years eve party table centerpieces and decorating ideas with cinnamon sticks

New Year’s Eve party table decorations and centerpieces can combine creative look and pleasant seasonal scent of cinnamon sticks that is perfect for home decorating in winter. Warm and spicy, the aroma of handmade decorations and table centerpieces, adds coziness to festive New Years Eve party decor and warms up winter decoration ideas for any special occasion. Here are some…

Glass Top Tables Magnifying Beautiful Dining Room Design

glass top tabled for dining room design and decorating ideas

Glass top tables look great in all dining rooms. Glass top dining tables feature versatile design that bring more reflected light into homes and allow creatively decorate dining rooms, blending transparency and elegance of glass materials. Glass top tables can be easily decorated while creating welcoming and impressive centerpieces and personalizing your dining room design. Glass is very easy to…

Selecting the Perfect Dining Table for Your Modern Room Decorating

modern dining furniture, wooden tables and chairs

Selecting the right dining table for your home is an important element of creating beautiful, stylish and comfortable dining room decor. Dining tables are available in various shapes, materials, finishes and sizes, and it is important to know what style and size is the best for your dining room decor. The perfect size dining table creates the balance with other…

25 Fabulous Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas with Apples and Candles Centerpieces

apples for thanksgiving decorating and candles centerpieces

Thanksgiving decorating ideas include creating gorgeous table centerpieces that enhance the spirit of this meaningful holiday. Apples and candles add to the festive feel of your dinner table and enrich Thanksgiving decorating ideas with warm and natural accents. Thanksgiving decorating with apples and candles is quick and easy. Beautiful and creative, unusual or simple apples and candles centerpieces can be…

30 Modern Ideas for Dining Room Design in Classic Style

classic and traditional dining room decorating ideas, wooden furniture and beautiful chandeliers

Small details and decorative accents are very important parts of dining room design in classic style. Interior design in classic style is elegant and luxurious. Inspired by decorating ideas that come from ancient Rome and Greece, dining room design in classic style proudly shows off antiques and fine artworks, chic upholstery fabrics, wooden furniture and large chandeliers. Dining room design…

25 Modern Ideas for Wine Storage in Your Kitchen and Dining Room

kitchen and dining room decorating and wine storage ideas

Modern ideas for wine storage add style and organization to your kitchen and dining room decorating. Wines are fun to buy, collect and taste. If your wine collection is growing, you need a properly organized place to store and display it. Modern ideas for wine storage help to select the best organizers for keeping the bottles properly stored and saving…

Modern Tableware Sets Showing Latest Trends and Stylish Colors

contemporary tableware in bright colors

Latest trends in modern tableware design reflect innovative and impressive contemporary art and fashion trends. Fabulous and spectacular, modern tableware design trends are influenced by modern ideas and bring contemporary and classic dinnerware sets, offering table decor ideas for every taste and style. High-quality and luxury cookware and dinnerware are designed for bringing more comfort into homes and creating unique…

Modern Tableware Design Ideas by Seletti Bring Surprising Combinations to the Table

unusual tableware from seletti

Unusual modern tableware from Seletti are intriguing and innovative. Serving trays, porcelain dishes and tea cups look like they were made of various pieces. The modern tableware items are exceptional, surprising and very original, turning dining tables into fascinating displays and making great gifts. Seletti was founded in Italy in 1964. These modern tableware items blend the outstanding quality with…

How to Create Perfect Dining Room Decor with Modern Furniture, Accessories and Lighting Fixtures

modern dining furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures

Dining areas add unique spaces to modern homes. Here is a guest post that shares tips for creating beautiful, comfortable and modern dining areas and suggests attractive ways to add personal touches to stylish, flexible and functional dining furniture with lighting fixtures and decorative accessories. Dining rooms provide dedicated spaces to enjoy family meals, hold occasional dinner parties for friends…

Hand Painted Sushi Plates for Creative Asian Party Table Decoration

painting ideas for plates, food decoration and presentation

Unique hand-painted tableware items are great dining room decorating ideas for a special event. Using food for creating funny images on a plate adds fun to table decoration and shows your creative and artistic nature. These unique plates, designed for serving Japanese food, bring cute imaged into party table decoration in Asian style and demonstrate attractive, artistic and surprising food…

25 Ideas for Dining Room Decorating with Yelow and Green Colors

interior decorating with green and yellow colors

Dining furniture in yellow color looks sunny warm and perfect for country-style kitchens dining room decorating. Yellow and green color combinations feel natural and happy, bright and timeless, always stylish and inviting. Yellow and green color combinations work well retro modern interior decorating and contemporary kitchens and dining room decorating, especially when combined with glossy decor accessories. Yellow and green…

22 Modern Kitchens and Dining Room Designs Enhanced by Exposed Brick Wall or Ceiling

exposed brick wall designs and brick ceilings, modern kitchends and dining rooms

Old brick wall texture enhances modern kitchens and dining room designs, adding a rustic feel or a industrial look to home interiors. Ceiling and brick wall texture attractively emphasizes vintage kitchens and add unique look to contemporary kitchen designs, harmonizing home interiors and creating a bold combination of building and decorating materials. Exposed brick wall design and brick ceiling designs…

Modern Interior Design Ideas to Steal Creating Tropical Paradise

living room seating area and computer desk

These modern interior design ideas and gorgeous outdoor rooms can inspire you to add luxury and charm of Exclusive villas in Maldives to your home decorating, creating a relaxing and beautiful tropical paradise for vacationing at home. Modern interior design and chic decor creates spectacular and inviting rooms and outdoor spaces overlooking the wonderful blue waters. The Coco PrivĂ© resort…

Unusual Handmade Tableware Inspired by Ocean Creatures, Seashells and Seaweed

handmade tableware, cup

Creative collection of porcelain tableware Bottom Feeders looks like sculptural artworks, unusual and surprising, bringing ocean creatures into modern tableware design. Ocean animals, seashells and seaweed provide great inspirations and fascinating handmade art pieces with unique shapes and textures. American sculptor Mary O’Malley created this impressive handmade tableware collection of porcelain cups, plates, teapots and pitchers, bringing this interesting, nature…

Unique Pendant Lighting Design with White Garlic Lamp Shades

pendant lighting design with garlic shaped lamp shade

The Garlic Lamp is a simple and literal interpretation of the spice, bringing one of the favorite Italian seasonings into kitchen decor. The shape of the lamp shade adds a unique look to pendant lighting design that produces downward directional light or an ambient glow through the translucent lamp shade material. It is a great pendant light for Italian kitchen…

Surprising Modern Tableware Design Ideas from Cristina Celestino and Design Attico

colored glass bottles

Modern tableware designed by Cristina Celestino is surprising and inspiring. Simple and elegant Deriva Glass Collection of modern tableware includes various glass carafe and glasses that create stackable sets with covers in bright colors. This unique, interesting and playful modern tableware is designed by Design Attico. The glass floats can be used for other purposes, as small dishes, adding a…

Eco Friendly Easter Candles Centerpieces Adding Color, Light and Scent to Spring Decorating

easter-candles in glass jars

Easter table centerpieces and home decorations that created with eco-friendly candles not add light and pleasant aroma to your spring holiday decor, but also enhance home decorating with natural colors and set a relaxing atmosphere for healing and rejuvenating. Naturally scented Easter candles make wonderful gifts that are romantic, pleasant and very decorative. Easter holiday symbolizes life and light, and…

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