3d Design

Floating Hotel Design Presenting Great Concept Idea Taken to New Level of Luxury

Floating hotel design ideas offer to explore unique experiences connecting people and nature in the most relaxing and luxurious ways. Built on a lake, the floating hotel provides privacy and comfort for great weekends and getaways….

Stunning Inlay Flooring Ideas for Exclusive Floor Decoration

Inlay wood flooring ideas are the most luxurious ways of floor decoration. Inlay flooring ideas are spectacular, unique and very impressive. The effort to create these wooden floors is significantly bigger than designing wood plank floors…

Modular Cargo Container Houses in Eco Style

Mobile house recycling a cargo container is envisioned by G-pod Designs architectural firm. This small house offers contemporary living spaces, a deck with a sun shelter and allow to transform the house design in accordance with…

Decorative Wall Panels Adding Chic Carved Wood Patterns to Modern Wall Design

Decorative wall panels are one of modern interior design trends. These carved wood pieces of artwork can decorate furniture doors and replace traditional wall hangings and paintings, adding a contemporary flair to modern interior design. These…

3d Models Blending Imagination with Modern Ideas for Backyard Designs

3d models help create unusual and original backyard designs and envision very personal or super modern ideas that challenge even the latest trends in design. 3d models are a great building and decorating tool to blend…

Transformer Wall Adds Functionality and Fun to Apartment Interior Design

Conceptual apartment ideas that incorporate a transformer wall design into small rooms add innovative architectural elements to modern interior design and create a spacious and conveniently transforming for various activities living spaces. Light and space saving…

Decorative 3d Wall Panels Adding Dimension to Empty Walls and Modern Interiors

Decorative wall panels can be made of plastic and wood, fabric and leather. Decorative wall paneling can cover the entire empty wall or adorn just a part of it, adding stylish color, exciting decoration pattern or…

3d Drop Ceiling Panels, Contemporary False Ceiling Design Trends

3d drop ceiling panels are innovative and dramatic. Textured suspended ceiling panels for 3d false ceiling design are modern interior trends that look exclusive and elegant. Decorative ceiling panels are versatile material

3d Interior Design Ideas for Entryways, Hallway Lighting Fixtures

Modern home lighting design, wall paint colors or wallpaper wall decoration are two simple ways to define functional zones and make interior design of entryways feel more comfortable and attractive. Hallway

Light Entryway Decorating Ideas, 3d Models, Entryway Designs

3d models are visualizations of modern entryway designs and foyer decorating colors. Light entryway design colors, efficient hallway lighting fixtures, functional entry way furniture and attractive foyer rugs turn a path

Colorful Bathroom Design Ideas, Impressive Modern Bathrooms

Modern paint colors, floor and wall tile designs, combined with contemporary bathroom cabinets or modern bathrooms designs in retro styles, offer bright ideas for bathroom decorating and attractive bathroom design trends.

Interior Design Ideas, Textures and Colors for Men and Women

Men and women enjoy modern interior decorating ideas that are comfortable and relaxing. Guys like simple and functional interior design ideas, Ladies prefer brighter room colors and romantic room decorating accessories.

3d Interior Visualization Before Buying an Aquarium

Virtual staging and 3d models are handy techniques for selecting paint colors, room decor accessories, furniture placement, appliances and aquarium style and evaluating modern interior decorating ideas.

Urban Sustainable Architecture, Floating Arcology Concepts for Green Living

The gigantic floating structure, a city in the city, Boston Arcology is an interesting green architecture concept of the future urban living for 15 000 people after rising ocean water swallows the city. Similar building design and construction project 365 meters high is developed for New Orleans. New Orleans Arcology Habitat will include 20 000 modern home units, hotels, offices and entertainment facilities, medical clinics, three casinos and city parks.

Carved Wood Wall Paneling for Contemporary Room Decorating

LETO Arte presents the impressive collection of wall paneling designs and contemporary room decorating ideas that inslude modern horizontal and vertical panels and a million of finishes to match any room decor.

Hollywood Sign Hotel Project, Danish Architectural Dream in 3d Models

The most famous sight in Los Angeles, the giant Hollywood sign, is in jeopardy. Danish architectural design company is offering a modern architecture project that will guarantee the Hollywood sign letters presence and their good condition for many decades. Large white letters will be easily recognized in luxury hotel contemporary design.

3d Home Design and Virtual Staging, Unique Approach

Accord Design Decor Staging is the first company, offering 3d interior decorating and home design services for virtual staging redesign. 3d images of existing rooms and back yard demonstrate clients their virtually staged homes for sale. Views from any point and angle, floor plan 3d design and easy color selection are just a few features of Accord 3d virtual staging and redesign.

3d Virtual Home Staging Offering Handy Digital Application

Accord Design Decor Staging developed a unique and innovative approach to home staging and interior redesign, based on an integration of professional house staging, interior redesign techniques and digital technology applications. 3d design for virtual staging and interior redesign allows homeowners to see changes and new home interior decorating ideas before they happen.

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