Staging Home Interiors

Quick Home Staging Tips, 10 Steps to Modern Bathroom Design and Decor

interior redesign and bathroom decorating ideas

Modern bathroom design and decor can be created with simple 10 steps and quick home staging tips. You can update your bathroom without a major renovation and spending lots of money on new bathroom decor. Lushome shares home staging tips and bathroom design inspirations for beautiful interior redesign, remodeling and decorating that will transform your functional rooms and help create…

20 Home Staging Ideas to Create Perfect Interior Design and Decor for Your Lifestyle

modern interior design, decor ideas and home staging tips

Modern interior design and decor that reflect your lifestyle feels comfortable and inciting. Stylish and functional details of interior design and pleasant decor accessories create beautiful and cozy home interiors that you will enjoy for years. Lushome shares ideas for choosing a designer for your home decorating to create the perfect living spaces for you and your family. When searching…

30 Modern Fireplaces and Mantel Decorating Ideas to Change Interior Design and Beautify Home Staging

modern interior design and decor for fireplaces and walls

Modern fireplaces are gorgeous focal points of interior design and home staging that transform rooms and beautify home decorating ideas. Large or small, classic or contemporary fireplace design bring warmth and cosiness into modern interior design and add a welcoming feel to home staging. Lushome shares a collection of beautiful home decorating ideas for rooms with fireplaces. Fireplaces are great…

Quick Room Makeovers, Lush Spring Decorating with Flowers and Indoor Plants

home staging and interior decorating with flowers and plants

Quick room makeovers with blooming flowers and indoor plants in attractive and creative containers are wonderful spring decorating projects that bring freshness and vivid colors into home interiors and create spring-like atmosphere in living spaces. Lushome shares a collection of simple and quick ideas for spring room makeovers with colorful flowers and indoor plants to add stylish and eco friendly…

22 Modern Kitchen Organization Ideas and Home Staging Tips for Sink Areas

modern kitchens sinks, storage and organizing tips

Modern kitchen organization and home staging ideas help to create clutter-free, beautiful and functional kitchen interiors and turn sink areas into comfortable, functional and attractive spaces. Modern kitchen organization and home staging are a great way to transform large and small kitchens into stylish and elegant home interiors with simple and easy interior decorating ideas. Lushome offer a collection of…

Entryway Benches with Storage Offering Ideal Space Saving Entryway Ideas

entryway ideas, benches with storage, hooks and shelves for interior decorating

Entryway benches with storage are one of the most practical, attractive and elegant space saving ideas to add comfort to small entryways. An attractive entryway bench creates an inviting impression on visitors coming into your home and makes your family members feel comfortable and welcomed also. Entryway benches are ideal space saving ideas to provide a seating and storage just…

22 Space Saving Sliding Interior Doors for Spacious and Modern Small Rooms

small rooms with sliding doors, space saving interior design ideas

Space saving sliding interior doors are wonderful home design ideas for small rooms. These modern interior doors change and evolve their designs reflecting latest trends in home decorating and offering functional and very attractive room design elements in various styles, sizes, materials and colors to match any existing interior design and decor. Here is a collection of modern interior doors…

Modern Bed Headboard Ideas Bringing Chic Hotel Style into Bedroom Designs

modern bedroom ideas, bed headboard

Modern bed headboard ideas are inspiring, beautiful and very attractive. Modern bed headboards are a wonderful way to create fabulous bedroom designs, adding chic and unique touches to your home interiors. Here is a guest post that provides helpful bedroom decorating and home staging tips to style your bedroom designs with hotel inspired chic. Have you ever looked at your…

How to Declutter Your Home and Enjoy Stress Free Lifestyle

decluttering and organizating tips

Clutter makes people to feel embarrassed by the state of their apartments and houses. Easy decluttering ideas and quick room makeovers turn homes into pleasant, spacious and stylish living spaces. A cluttered and disorganized home interiors can be humiliating, so solve that problem by implementing a few of these quick decluttering and home organizing ideas. Being organized is not something…

25 Modern Ideas for Bedroom Decoraitng and Home Staging in Eco Style

modern bedroom designs with natural materials and natural bedding fabrics

Modern bedroom decorating in eco style blends simple and beautiful ideas. Natural materials and room colors, natural bedding sets, house plants and natural decorating themes create gorgeous, spacious and airy home interiors that are interesting and relaxing, perfect for good night sleep. Stylish platform beds, salvaged wood and soft white and green colors create a wonderful combination for bedroom decorating…

Amazing Room Makeovers and Inspiring Interior Decorating Ideas

garden room decorating with white and green colors

Room makeovers dramatically transform, living spaces, turning awkward and uncomfortable living spaces into functional, pleasant and modern home interiors. Whether for adding more comfort and style or for home staging your property for sale, modern room makeovers are a way to turn lacking interest living spaces into inviting and modern home interiors, offering attractive lifestyle and increasing home values. The…

How to Move Toilets in Bathrooms, 30 Home Staging and Bathroom Design Ideas

modern toilets and bathroom design ideas

Home staging and new bathroom design can totally change the look of our functional room. Moving a toilet to a different place in your bathroom can be a great idea to add some space to the small room, create more comfort and increase the values of your property. Your new bathroom design or remodeling project will be more practical and…

Reuse and Recycle Clothes to Get the Latest Looks and Well Organized Closets

reuse and recycle clothes

There are so many reasons to get rid of some of your clothes. It can be out of style or you got tired of its color, it evokes sad memories or does not fit anymore. Sometimes it is hard to organize our closets because they are so full of all sort of useless or just sentimental clothes we do not…

Beautiful Interior Design Ideas in Scandinavian Style Spiced up with Pink and Blue Color Accents

interior design and decor with pink and blue color accents

Beautiful interior design in Scandinavian style, spruced up with bright pink and blue color accents, turns a loft apartment into gorgeous modern home interiors that are cheerful and inviting. The large laving spaces allow create airy, pleasant and colorful interior design and decor in Scandinavian style, perfect for staging home interiors. Beautiful balcony decorating ideas, simple outdoor furniture and flowering…

22 Charming Ideas for Modern Interior Decorating with Flowers and Green Leaves

home decorating with flowers and creative flower arrangements

Flowers are beautiful, inexpensive and charming details that soften up modern interior decorating ideas, creating a wonderful atmosphere and setting a pleasant mood for attractive home staging. All interior decorating decorating ideas, enriched by beautiful flower arrangements that bring unique shapes, textures and aroma into rooms. Flower arrangements and diy vases can add surprising accents to home decorating ideas. Here…

Inspiring Old House Exterior and Interior Redesign, Beautiful Home Decoraitng for Family Life

modern house exterior design and landscaping ideas, old house redesign

This old house in colonial style was completely redesigned and decorated by American architect and interior designer Ili Nilsson. Classic house exterior looks inviting and attractive. Modern interior redesign created beautiful and comfortable rooms for a family with children, offering functional zones and cozy bedrooms for adults and kids. Lots of great interior design and home decorating ideas can be…

Simply Light and Modern Interior Design and Decor, Small Penthouse in Sweden

white paint colors and modern apartment ideas

Light, simple and modern interior design ideas transformed the apartment in an old house, built in 1884, in Sweden into a bright penthouse which features 53 sq m of stylish, comfortable and pleasant living spaces. The combination of traditional and Scandinavian styles, white decorating ideas and elegant decor create a beautiful home that is functional and inviting, perfect for modern…

22 Kitchen Redesign Ideas and Latest Trends in Modern Kitchen Design

modern kitchen design trends and redesign ideas

Kitchen redesign, remodeling and renovating projects are expensive, and selecting the right style, kitchen colors and modern kitchen decor ideas are important elements of creating the perfect kitchen design for your home that you will enjoy for many years. Changing a few things in your kitchen design, the fresh color, new finish or stylish decorative accents, give your kitchen design…

Modern Bathroom Design Trends in Storage Furniture, 15 Space Saving Ideas for Bathroom Storage

modern bathroom storage furniture

Modern bathroom design trends offer functional and stylish bathroom ideas for large and small spaces. Bathroom storage can be improved with modern space saving ideas and new practical storage solutions. Modern bathroom storage transforms small spaces into organized, spacious and stylish, ideal for home staging or creating stress-free lifestyle and gorgeous look. Modern bathroom furniture, sink vanities and hidden storage…

Modern Furniture for Small Spaces, 15 Great Ideas for Decorating Small Apartments and Homes

living room furniture with sliding front panels

Modern furniture for small spaces offer stylish look and space saving design, gorgeous finishes and creative solutions  for decorating small apartments and homes, or home staging. Here is a collection of smart interior decorating ideas with modern furniture for small spaces, demonstrating practical and elegant ways of decorating small apartments and homes in functional and space saving style. Small rooms…

Modern Interior Design Inspirations from Amazing Home Improvement Projects and Room Makeovers

room makeover, modern bedroom design and decor

Modern interior redesign and decorating ideas add style, luxury and elegance to ordinary living spaces and turn dull, lacking interest, plain or empty rooms into beautiful, comfortable and impressive, attractively staging home interiors for sale or for comfortable, stress-free lifestyle. Here is a collection of modern interior design ideas and home decoration photographs that demonstrate amazing changes and creative home…

33 Modern Interior Design Ideas Emphasizing White Brick Walls

Modern dining room decorating with ehite paint colors and white furniture

Modern interior design ideas that brighten up brick walls with white paint help to bring a light neutral color into decorating palette to calm down living spaces or create a unique and stylish room with a white accent wall. White paint colors are not boring, when emphasize texture and beautiful decorating patterns. White wall paint is an excellent choice for…

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