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Unusual House Design Ideas Inspired by Animals

Unusual house designs and decorating ideas are great for small shops, offices, restaurants and even homes. Unusual buildings add lots of interest to the companies and businesses. Unusual house designs make homes look and feel very special and unique. Lushome shares a collection of small house designs and exterior decorating ideas inspired by animals. Finding unusual houses for sale is…

Fairy Tale House Designs for the Romantic at Heart

Modern house designs that look like fairy tale castles are great for the whimsical and romantic at heart. Towers and spires, arched windows and spectacular stone or wood exterior, luxurious interiors and charming staging design create unique homes with beautiful front yards and gardens for all who have a few millions to spend. Lushome shares images of modern houses that…

20 Large Beautiful Homes Challenging Homeowners Wallets

Large homes and spacious yards are wonderful for luxurious lifestyle, spectacular interior design and landscaping projects. Large homes have wonderful curb appeal. Large house exterior design are impressive and promising beautiful living spaces without having to worry about crowding rooms. There are no limits for owners of large homes for exterior and interior design, but it can be dangerous for…

Fall Colors Creating Gorgeous Backgrounds for Pictures that Sell Homes

Fall colors beautify homes, creating a perfect background for listing pictures. Mother Nature surprises and delights presenting her annual, rich and bright fall colors. Modern houses and front yard landscaping are magically transformed by striking shades of warm colors and green leaves, allowing to take gorgeous pictures of beautiful homes with the backgrounds of muted yellows and reds, orange, purple…

Small Repairs and Room Makeovers for Home Staging, Before and After Interior Redesign

Small details can make the difference in potential buyers mind. Leaving the toilet seats up or a tea towel hanging from a drawer handle can make some people think that you are not truly committed to keeping a nice and well organized home. Buyers may want to look inside your fridge and kitchen pantry to see how well you take…

6 Winning Home Staging Tips to Improve Home Appeal and Raise Home Values

Smart ways to improve your house appeal and home staging tips can help beautify your property, prepare a great presentation and raise your home values. Beautiful, clean and modern homes are attractive and desirable. Cleaning , repairing and decorating your property in elegant style helps selling your home fast and for a better market price. Lushome shares useful home staging…

5 Smart Ways to Improve Home Staging for Sale and Boost Home Values

Home staging is an art of making properties to look attractive, be comfortable and demonstrate functional and modern home interiors, perfect for contemporary, stress-free and pleasant lifestyle. Simple things that you can do can quickly improve home appeal and raise home values while paying for themselves many times over and helping sell your home fast and for a better market…

15 Modern House Design Trends Creating Luxury, Comfortable Lifestyle and Increasing Home Values

Modern house designs with certain features look expensive and luxurious. Adding a few elements to modern house designs transform ordinary homes into dream homes and increase their sale prices.  Lushome shares modern house design trends 2015 and ideas for bringing ultimate luxury and comfort into homes. The house design trends and tips for decorating will help create beautiful and comfortable…

Additional Costs First Time Home Buyers to Consider, Money Saving Tips

Hidden costs for first time home buyers might surprise people, and encourage to negotiate the house selling prices carefully. Here is a few hidden costs that first time home buyers need to calculate before putting in offers and buying the house. Once potential buyers start to look more closely at the costs, they can change their mind about the deal…

How to Photograph Home Interiors for Best Presentation and Beautiful Memories

Taking good photographs of your home interiors capture the best moments and help to prepare good presentation of your property for sale. The skill of interior photography is most often perfected by practicing. It is difficult to get a camera to capture an image of a beautiful room that represents what the human eyes see, but great interior photographs are…

10 Home Staging Tips to Protect Home Values and Increase Selling Prices

Home staging helps showcase homes potential and increase selling prices. Buying a home is the largest single investment that people ever make in their lives. Once you have made the investment, taking care

Green Building Technology and Functionality Blended in Eco Friendly Tiny House Design

Small house design blends functionality and green living ideas, reflecting the tiny home building trend that promotes simplicity, as an alternative to consumerism. In Port Angeles student carpenters in the green building

Luxury Apartment Ideas Present Customized Modern Designer Home

Beautiful decorating of this luxury apartment presents unique, creatively customized modern designer home that is on sale for $5.2 million dollars. Spacious apartment ideas are combined with unusual and very

Log Home Designs, Beautiful Modern Houses for Unmatchable Lifestyle

Log homes are popular modern houses, eco friendly, comfortable and beautiful. Log home designs are perfect for those who are desperately craving for unique house exterior designs and stunning modern interiors

Backyard Swimming Pools and Small Ponds, Beautiful Backyard Ideas

Swimming pools, small ponds, hot tubs and waterfalls are wonderful backyard ideas that make homes more comfortable and beautiful, increasing their values for sale. Pools and small ponds are excellent for creating

Mistakes to Avoid while Buying or Selling your Home

Buying a new house is one of the biggest investments in life. Selling a house can be profitable and pleasant or painful and long. Leaning the biggest mistakes people do buying and selling a house will help to avoid costly

Summer Kitchen, Outdoor Rooms, Modern Backyard Ideas

Outdoor rooms are perfect for gatherings and outdoor entertaining in summer, late spring and early fall. Adding summer kitchens and dining areas to backyard designs are modern trends that create a perfec

Staging Home Interiors, Fresh Air and Light Scents

Clean fresh air and light scents are best for staging home interiors. Making repairs and improving the air circulation in the house are practical and effective home staging tips for selling your home faster and for more money.

Home Sales Predictions, Selling your Home before mid-March

Selling your house privately or with a help of a real estate agent, now is a good time to sell your property fast and for a good price. Traditionally home sales pick up in spring. This year home sales in Canada started

Exterior Painting Colors, Vintage Wine Exterior Paint

Dark house paint colors create striking contrasts with light trim colors, offering modern exterior paint schemes that make modern homes look stylish and impressive.

Benefits of Sauna, Your Health and Wealth

Home saunas make modern homes more functional, healthy and comfortable. There many wealth and health benefits of a sauna at home, including time saving, convenience, weight loss, relaxation, extra luxury and increased home values.

Closets that Sell Homes, Decluttering and Organizing Tips

Get rid of clutter from your closet shelves and prepare your property great presentation. Spacious, fresh and light closet storage help sell your home faster and for better money.

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