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33 Walk In Closet Design Ideas to Find Solace in Master Bedroom

bedroom designs with walk in closets and closet organizing tips

Lushome shares a collection of closet designs to organize your master bedroom, bring comfort and luxury into your home. There are few things more luxurious, attractive and stylish than a walk in closet in your master bedroom where you can organize handbags, clothes, shoes and accessories in elegant style. A walk in closet is a great addition to any home…

30 Handy Designs and Craft Ideas to Keep Homes Organized and Neat

designs and craft ideas for home organization and storage

Here is a collection of modern ideas, handy and creative designs and recycled crafts inspirations that Lushome shares to demonstrate gorgeous home organizers and interior decorating tips to get your home organized. Handmade home organizers are wonderful, unique and cheap decorations that personalize home interiors and make rooms look beautiful and interesting. Recycled crafts and creative design ideas can turn…

22 Modern Kitchen Organization Ideas and Home Staging Tips for Sink Areas

modern kitchens sinks, storage and organizing tips

Modern kitchen organization and home staging ideas help to create clutter-free, beautiful and functional kitchen interiors and turn sink areas into comfortable, functional and attractive spaces. Modern kitchen organization and home staging are a great way to transform large and small kitchens into stylish and elegant home interiors with simple and easy interior decorating ideas. Lushome offer a collection of…

Entryway Benches with Storage Offering Ideal Space Saving Entryway Ideas

entryway ideas, benches with storage, hooks and shelves for interior decorating

Entryway benches with storage are one of the most practical, attractive and elegant space saving ideas to add comfort to small entryways. An attractive entryway bench creates an inviting impression on visitors coming into your home and makes your family members feel comfortable and welcomed also. Entryway benches are ideal space saving ideas to provide a seating and storage just…

Modern Cable Organizers Offering Convenient and Practical Office Storage and Orgaization Solutions

space saving ideas to get organized in office

Modern cable organizers, wire holders and tags add more organization to office desk and create clutter-free, beautiful and comfortable atmosphere for work. Unorganized cables look unappealing and cause troubles when you want to unplug your equipment or change the office arrangement. Unorganized cables collect dust and annoy you when you trying to find the wire you need. Here is a…

Space Saving Interior Doors with Shelves Offering Convenient Storage for Small Spaces

space saving ideas, door with built in shelves

Interior doors with shelves are one of space saving ideas that can improve functionality of small room design. These unusual and convenient doors create convenient storage spaces and attractive accent walls, dramatically changing the way working and living spaces look. If you want to redesign your home and maximize your small rooms, there are many different space saving ideas for…

Wood Wardrobe Under Dome Roof Adding Chic to Interior Design

round storage spaces with dome roof and curved shelves

This beautiful wardrobe is made with wood veneer and created to add chic and comfort to modern interior design, providing functional and stylish storage spaces under gorgeous dome roofs. Designed by Lumi, a Russian-Swedish company, located in Moscow, the wood wardrobe is elegant, unusual and very attractive, perfect for creating a stunning dressing rooms or walk-in closets. The Dome wardrobe…

Creative Wire Organizers Adding Decorative Accents to Modern Office Designs

computer desk organization

Home office organizers for wires and earphone holders add comfort to modern home office designs and accentuate interior decorating with interesting, contemporary and eye-catching details. Made of plastic, metal or leather, these simple and convenient decorating accessories are versatile, look wonderful with office furniture in any style and perfect for office decorating or home staging. Modern home office designs can…

Modern Kitchen Cabinets to Customize and Style Kitchen Interiors

wooden kitchen cabinets for inexpensive modern kitchens

Modern kitchen cabinets are an important part of interior design. Kitchen cabinets are often one of the costliest components in a new or remodeled kitchen design, and this component dramatically change the way kitchens look and feel. Kitchen cabinets that are elegant and timelessly modern, durable and functional are ideal for kitchen design. Modern kitchen cabinets, which add to the…

Amazingly Light Wall Boxes Shelving System Made with Cork

wall shelves and storage boxes made with cork

Magic Boxes Shelving system is developed by Portuguese industrial designer Rui Pereira for Blackcork. Lighter than they look, these functional and decorative wall boxes and shelving system create an amazing wall decoration. The Magic Boxes Shelving appear as heavy as items made with stone, but seem to be simply mounted on the wall, – a trick that the light cork…

Unique Furniture and Interior Design Elements with Built-in Book Shelves

modern interiors with unusual book shelves and storage spaces

Unique furniture pieces and interior design elements with conveniently integrated book shelves look unusual and creative, showing off innovative and space saving ideas and improving functionality of home interiors and office spaces. Designers create amazing modern furniture with built-in book shelves and enhance space saving interior design with staircase book storage shelves or modern shelving units with seats. These unique…

Food Storage System Reinventing Traditional Kitchen Storage Ideas

modern kitchen storage furniture, shelving unit

This modern kitchen storage system is a way to keep food fresh, nutritious and healthy, while keeping kitchens attractive, organized and beautiful. The Food Storage is a shelving unit which allows to store different food separately in elegant and attractive style. These kitchen storage ideas were presented at Salone Satellite 2013, blending traditional and modern ideas into a creative and…

Unusual Wooden Office Desk with Creative Channel Shaped Storage Shelf

modern tables, designer furniture for home office

This is an unusual office furniture design idea. The Homework desk, created by Tomas Kral, has a very unique, creative and practical storage shelf. An aluminum feature is shaped like a channel and built in around three sides of the desk to hold books, papers and accessories while preventing pens and pencils to fall from the table top. A cast…

15 Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Tiny Spaces

small spaces, small kitchens, space saving interior design ideas

Even small kitchen can be comfortable, stylish and attractive. Limited kitchen storage space and and small room for kitchen cabinets challenge modern interior design and stimulate creating well-organized and functional small kitchens turning small spaces into cozy and inviting. Kitchen remodeling can be expensive, but spending your effort, time and money on designing a beautiful, functional and elegant kitchen that…

15 Modern Home Office Designs Enhanced with Space Saving Storage Ideas

home office furniture and storage ideas

Modern home office designs are a popular topic, as many people prefer to work from home and want to design stylish, comfortable and efficient working space. Home office design is about productivity, pleasant look and comfortable feel. Convenient storage, large working areas, good lighting design and ergonomic office furniture are the most important considerations when you plan your home office….

30 DIY Tree Coat Racks Personalizing Entryway Ideas with Inspiring Designs

do it yourself wooden coat racks for modern interior decorating

Tree-shaped coat racks are great for modern interior decorating. Made of wood or tree branches, these storage furniture pieces bring unique accents and romantic feel into entryway designs, and decorate kids rooms in playful and interesting style. Any mudroom or front entryway design will benefit from creative storage furniture items that come in bright colors and simple, but elegant tree…

33 Creative Storage Ideas for Wine Bottles Adding Convenience and Interest to Interior Design

modern storage for wine bottles

Creative storage ideas for wine bottles allow to add style and beauty to your home organization. With your own wine bar and storage, you do not have to go out and spend more money on a relaxing drink. Creative ideas for wine storage and organization save space, time and money while adding convenient, interesting and personalized ideas to your interior…

25 Unusual Jewelry Storage Ideas and Craft Inspirations

creative design ideas and crafts for jewelry storage

Storage ideas for your jewelry can use traditional jewelry boxes or be unusual, handmade and space saving. Creative jewelry storage ideas can be very attractive and functional while recycling useless items, like plastic and metal graters, Peggy boards, eggs packaging, fabrics or perforated plastic, wood or metal pieces. Appropriate storage containers and a little planning, smart usage of existing items…

Multifunctional Storage Furniture Design Idea Adding Guest Bed to Space Saving Interior Decorating

contemporary furniture for storage with guest bed

This multifunctional storage furniture piece is designed for decorating apartments which do not have any storage space. Created in contemporary minimalist style, the Living Cube is great for small spaces. It features a few open shelves, a walk-in closet and a simple ladder which leads to a bed on the top. The Living Cube is convenient and practical for decorating…

Modular Shelving Systems Adding Fun and Color to Modern Storage Ideas

modular furniture for storage, shelving units in various colors

Modular shelving units that look creative and stylish are great for contemporary interior design. These furniture items add 3d look and color to wall decor while offering functional and attractive storage ideas for modern interiors. The sectional storage systems for walls is available from Cubit, and bring attractive furniture design into living spaces and offices. The Cubit is an…

How to Declutter Your Home and Enjoy Stress Free Lifestyle

decluttering and organizating tips

Clutter makes people to feel embarrassed by the state of their apartments and houses. Easy decluttering ideas and quick room makeovers turn homes into pleasant, spacious and stylish living spaces. A cluttered and disorganized home interiors can be humiliating, so solve that problem by implementing a few of these quick decluttering and home organizing ideas. Being organized is not something…

25 Small Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas Maximizing Small Spaces

small bathroom design ideas, powder room and small bathroom remodeling ideas

Your small bathroom can look beautiful and elegant. Modern ideas for small bathroom design and remodeling can transform functional small spaces into gorgeous home interiors that make a statements, blending practical and stylish solutions into space saving and attractive interior design. Small bathroom design ideas and creative bathroom remodeling will enhance your home with a stylish, cozy and functional addition,…

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