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Fun Food Design Ideas Making Healthy Choices More Attractive to Kids

healthy kids snacks, food pictures

Fun food design ideas help kids eat healthy snacks while enjoying creative images on their plates. Parents blog Creative Kid Snacks know how to feed their children healthy food so that they were satisfied and happy. Lushome brings their creative food design ideas that may inspire all parents with young kids. Unusual food design is interesting and amazing. Fun food…

Delicious Food Design Idea Turns Glasses into Chocolate Treats

edible glasses with fillings, creative food design ideas

Creative food design ideas can turn functional tableware items into edible decorations and delicious treats that personalize table decor with surprising and delightful details. Lushome shares one of creative,  wonderful and seducing food design ideas that creates edible glasses of milk and dark chocolate. Chocolate is one of the symbols of pleasure and happy life. Chocolate is a great antidepressant….

35 Fun Valentines Day Ideas, Sweet Edible Decorations for Romantic Table and Delicious Gifts

food design, edible hearts, sweet treats

Hearts decorations and heart-shaped sweets are wonderful Valentines Day ideas. on February, 14 love is everywhere. Sweet, delicious hearts make wonderful gifts and perfect edible decorations for romantic table decoration. Heart-shaped cookies, candies and cakes are charming Valentines Day ideas to express love for each other. These gift ideas for Valentines Day make easy, but impressive and universally welcoming gifts….

Artworks Created with Food and Ink, Fun Decorating Ideas by Victor Nunes

ink drawings decorated with food

Food fascinate and inspire. For each series of drawings artist Victor Nunez takes various foods and creates amazing sketches decorated with food pieces. Some food artworks are complex, but simple decorating ideas can be used by anyone. Lushome shows these creative designs to inspire parents and kids to experiment with drawings and food, or create unusual edible decorations for party…

Crayon Pencils Snacks Surprising with Bright Colors and Creative Food Design Idea

no sugar snacks, healthy food decoration and design ideas

Colored pencils snacks are created by pressing various ingredients into a crayon pencil mold. Processed nuts, sesame seeds, moistened with melted marshmallow, give these snacks the right consistency while turning delicious and healthy ingredients into bright edible pencils. Colorful crayon pencils are dense and tasty. These amazing snacks are found on Luxirare blog, and are made in various colors…

Edible Plates Bringing Fun and Green Design into Dining

edo friendly products, organic plates

Edible plates from Italian designers are going to change the way we eat and entertain in the future. Edible table decorations and tableware are not just interesting, but eco friendly, helping to save resources on producing single use plastic items. Today people throw away millions of disposable plastic plates causing significant damage to the ecosystem. Plastic plates and cups are…

20 Great Halloween Treats and Bright Party Table Decoration Ideas

healthy halloween sweets and party table decorations

Simple Halloween treats give a chance busy people to participate in the celebration and effortlessly add bright colors to their Halloween table decoration. If you want the kids to have fun on Halloween night, but do not consume too much of empty calories, caramel apples are wonderful treat and Halloween table decorations that are nutritious. Jack-O’-lanterns and sweets create wonderful…

35 Halloween Ideas to Make Fabulously Simple and Interesting Edible Decorations

edible Halloween party table decorations and centerpieces

Halloween ideas for food decoration is all about fun. These simple and interesting edible decorations prove the fact that you do not need to cook fancy dishes and make time-consuming deserts to create  wonderful Halloween party table decorations and centerpieces. You can make your kids favorite foods and enhance theme with Halloween colors and design ideas. Make food in orange…

Spooky Halloween Treats, Creative Food Design Ideas for Making Edible Decorations

halloween party decorations and ideas for desserts

Halloween treats make wonderful edible decorations enhancing the spirit of this unique holiday with creative food design ideas and traditional black and orange colors. Halloween cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other edible decorations in black and orange colors add festive adding chocolaty taste and delicious aroma of spectacular desserts to your Halloween party table decoration. Here is a collection of gorgeous…

Creative Food Art and Decoration Ideas that Tell Stories and Make Kids Eat Healthy Food

food art and decoration ideas for healthy eating

These amazingly creative and colorful food decoration ideas turn healthy food for kids into food art that tells a story and fascinates children, encouraging them eat vegetables. If your child prefer a cake, sweets and pizza and no amount of begging, pleading or bribery will get him or her to eat healthy food, your creativity and inspiring food decoration ideas…

Colorful Edible Decorations, National Flags Made with Food

edible decorations, national flags made with food

These delicious edible decorations are meaningful and very creative. Perfect for national holidays, all special events, multicultural events and New Years Eve celebration, these flags made with food blend the symbols with fun, and add joy and fresh ideas to any table setting. Colorful edible decorations are versatile and suitable for adults or kids party table decoration. These beautiful national…

Amazing Art of Creating Food Landscapes, Inspiring Edible Decorations

art and design ideas, landscapes made with food

Spectacular landscapes that are created of food impress and amuse. Artist and photographer Carl Warner enjoys the nature, landscaping and photography, working many years in the advertising industry. Colorful landscapes made with food are creative reflections of wonderful artistic inspirations that food can give. Food landscapes with trees are inspired by Portobello mushrooms that look like trees from an alien…

Creative Food Design Idea Adding Colorful Edible Decorations and Fun to Kids Party Table Decor

kids party food, pencil shaped snacks and cookies

Colored pencils are edible decorations that add fun and interesting accents to kids party table. This beautiful, tasty and unique food design idea will please anyone, adding colorful, interesting and surprising food for kids party. This food design idea is versatile and suitable for kids birthday or back to school party, or any party. Pencil shaped edible decorations, can be…

Creative Ideas for Hot Drinks and Food Decoration, Food Stencils and Templates

making stencils for drink and food decoration

Food stenciling is easy, although it takes a bit of practice to be able to create perfect designs in mugs and cups and decorate your hot drinks in elegant and impressive style. You can use fresh milk or soluble milk, a traditional espresso machine or a vending machine, food stencils make your coffee and chocolate drinks look fabulous. If you…

Watermelons Inspiring Creative Food Design Ideas and Summer Party Table Decorations

watermelon party table decorations and centerpieces

Simple watermelon carving and watermelon inspired food design ideas make summer party table look unique  and impressive with colorful salads, snacks and treats, while proving healthy food choices enhanced by original food decoration. Unusual and bright food decoration ideas help to beautify your party table with spectacular edible decorations and surprise your guests in elegant style. This artistic tradition of…

Watermelon Cakes and Sweets Adding Color to Summer Party Table Decoration

watermelon cakes and sweets in red and green colors

Watermelons are healthy and natural food that brings beautiful contrasting colors into summer party table decoration. Inspired by watermelon cake, cookies or frozen fruit treats look festive and and create bright and colorful edible decorations, suitable for any special occasion. Fresh watermelons or frozen fruit treats offer the perfect combination of health, taste, texture and color. This natural food gives…

Fabulous Ideas for Cake Decoration with Edible Flowers

edible flowers for food decoration and presentation, cake decoration ideas

Food decoration with edible flowers is a fabulous idea for adding charm to holiday tables and beautifying meals that you cook for special events. Cake decoration with edible flowers bring brings a simple elegance to the desert presentation, delight your guests and creates beautiful memories. Edible flowers as a cake decoration are versatile and can be used for any event….

Hand Painted Sushi Plates for Creative Asian Party Table Decoration

painting ideas for plates, food decoration and presentation

Unique hand-painted tableware items are great dining room decorating ideas for a special event. Using food for creating funny images on a plate adds fun to table decoration and shows your creative and artistic nature. These unique plates, designed for serving Japanese food, bring cute imaged into party table decoration in Asian style and demonstrate attractive, artistic and surprising food…

Skull and Bone Shaped Sugar Cubes, Unusual Food Decoration Ideas

food decoration ideas, skull and bone shaped sugar cubes

Skull and bone shaped sugar cubes add an unusual and unexpected element to your morning coffee ritual. These creative and surprising food design ideas will wake you up, turning an ordinary cup of coffee into extravagant and playful with incredible, sculptured and detailed sugar cubes. Skull and bone sugar pieces have a strange appeal which reflects the attachment of symbolic…

Delicious Food Decoration Ideas for the 4th of July Celebration with White Red and Blue Colors

edible decorations for the 4th of july party table

Creative food decoration in white, red and blue colors are a wonderful idea for the 4th of July celebration and preparing delicious and impressive desserts. Inspired by the  the American flag colors, patriotic decoration creates meaningful and beautiful summer party table decor. Using symbols, like stripes and stars and white, red and blue color combinations you can add simple and…

25 Canada Day Food Decoration Ideas, Themed Edible Decorations for Party Table

canada day food, patriotic decoration ideas and edible decorations in white and red colors

Canada Day food decoration ideas blend delicious ingredients with white and red colors inspired by the Canadian flag and patriotic theme. Using red and white decorating colors you can turn meals and sweet treats into spectacular edible decorations for Canada Day party table and surprise your family and friends with creative and tasty patriotic decoration. Ice cream or whipped cream,…

Creative Art and Food Design Idea Turns Sugar into Spectacular Lollipops

food art and design ideas, food pictures

Creative art and food design ideas are blended into spectacular treats, bright and colorful, unusual and captivating lollipops. These edible decorations are great for cupcakes and special events cake decoration. They can create a stunning centerpiece and jazz up your party table decor, and then work as after party gifts that will delight your guests. The amazingly creative lollipops are…

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