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Front Door Decoration with Red Colors, 22 House Exterior Design Ideas

Red colors are bold choices for exterior door decoration. Exterior door color is an important element of beautiful house exterior design. Red exterior door can affect your interior design also, if your front door opens inside adding the colorful accent to your entryway and hallway decorating. Lushome brings 20 pictures of red exterior doors in different sizes and styles. All…

Natural Feng Shui Cures to Attract Harmony, Wealth and Health

Natural Feng Shui cures that improve interior decorating and attract harmony into your life are inexpensive and widely available. Oranges and tangerines, for example, are Chinese symbols of wealth and happiness. Green indoor plants, water fountains, aquarium tanks with fish are other ideas to represent symbols of wealth in interior decorating. Lushome shares simple tips and natural home decorations that…

Good Feng Shui Colors and Home Decorations to Feng Shui for Wealth

Ancient Chinese Feng Shui teaches how to attract good luck, wealth and health to homes and people by selecting proper materials and shapes, adding Feng Shui cures to rooms and bringing good Feng Shui colors into home decorating. Lushome shares simple Feng Shui tips and inexpensive Feng Shui cures that symbolize well being, health and harmony, and Feng Shui home…

Chinese New Year of the Horse Bringing Grace and Energy into Modern Interior Decorating

2014 is the Horse Year according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The horse is part of a 12-year-cycle of animals that make up the Chinese zodiac. 2014 is the year of the wood horse, taking over from the year of the water snake. The new Chinese Year starts on January, 31 and brings energy and stunning beauty of the horse…

Good Feng Shui Color, Decorating Materials and Interior Design Ideas for 2014 Horse Year

Good Feng Shui color combinations help to add a fresh look to modern interior design and home decorating, while bringing meaningful hues that reflect the character of the Horse Year 2014, which starts on January 31, 2014 and ends on February, 18 2015. Horses are energetic, bright, friendly, intelligent and able. Creating interior design and decor that are bright and…

Butterflies Decoration to Romanticize and Feng Shui Homes

Adding butterflies to home decoration is excellent for adding romantic feel to modern interior design and Feng Shui homes. Bringing beautiful butteries into home decoration enhance the beauty of your rooms and add Chinese Feng Shui symbols of love and joy that romanticize home interiors. According to Feng Shui home design and decorating recommendations, adding butterflies to home decoration improves…

35 Unusual Aquariums and Custom Tropical Fish Tanks for Unique Interior Design

Selecting a fish tank for your home decorating you want to find a functional and energy saving aquarium in a pleasing form. Unusual as well as a custom made aquariums make great home decorations and create stunning centerpieces that enhance modern interior design with original design, small or large size and unique shape. Tropical fish tanks can be round and…

Spectacular Aquariums Personalizing Interior Design with Colorful Glass Fish Tanks

Consider adding an aquarium to your interior design, because there are a few reasons why you really should have it in your home. A small tropical fish aquarium on a deck or a large glass fish tank on a stand, portable or built-in glass fish tanks and hanging on a wall aquariums that look like artworks bring unique details into…

Elegant Chinese Garden Design Inspirations for Beautiful Backyard Designs

Chinese garden designs blend the nature with elegance. Impressive oriental garden design ideas give great inspirations for peaceful and beautiful backyard designs. Chinese garden design ideas reflect the Chinese philosophies and cultures. Chinese gardens make significant pieces of Chinese history. Five thousand years of gardening has yielded some of the most amazing and beautiful garden designs in China. Chinese garden…

Miniature Japanese Garden Design to Feng Shui Homes and Yard Landscaping Ideas

Miniature Japanese garden design brings the oriental feeling into your outdoor home spaces and Feng Shui your backyard or front yard landscaping in creating and elegant style. Miniature Japanese garden design embraces the ideal of nature, so keeping your garden design as natural as possible and avoiding to include yard decorations or plants that can disrupt this natural feel are…

21 Smart Storage and Home Oranization Ideas, Decluttering and Organizing Tips from Experts

Clutter free homes feel airy and spacious. Good storage and organization turn closets and home offices, kitchen pantries, basements and garages into neat and pleasant living spaces which Feng Shui homes. Here are a few useful decluttering and organizing tips from experts and life stylists that are great for creating beautiful storage spaces and home staging. Painting your laundry room,…

Food Art Adds Fun and Amazing Edible Decorations to Eating Experience

Food artworks recreating famous paintings on toasts and plates look unusual and amazing. Cute characters and funny scenes, animals or still life arrangements created with food are artworks that offer gorgeous edible decorations for your dining table. Bread, fruits and vegetables create wonderful artworks on plates and offer surprising and artistic centerpiece ideas for your table decoration and Feng Shui…

Feng Shui Home for Wealth with Bright and Open Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Feng Shui home design is about bringing positive energy into your home or office, creating balance in your life, improving your health and attracting good luck and wealth. The beneficial energy chi floating from outside and through your home interiors helps Feng Shui every corner of your room. Most of the Chi enters your home through your Feng Shui entrance,…

Unique Furniture Design Idea Blends Music into Wooden Chair

Echoism Chair designed by Jaeyoung Jang is an original and unique instrument for expressing various emotions. The chair looks like an art object that explores the world of emotions and tells the story of the environment, mood, mind and body. The chair design allows to show the picture of the environment through beating, hitting, and plucking sounds, as a person…

Exterior Wood Door Decorating with Paint Colors to Personalize House Design and Feng Shui Homes

Exterior wood door decorating can be a challenge. The best door decoration color is your favorite color. You use the exterior doors everyday, so it is a good idea to choose the color your like a lot. If you want to Feng Shui home with color, here are some Feng Shui tips that are helpful and reasonable. The exterior doors…

Expert Tips for Home Decorating with Flowers and Keeping Flower Arrangements Fresh Longer

Flower experts share DIY tips on choosing the best blooms for home decorating and keeping flowers fresh in beautiful flower arrangements. Spring home decorating bring gorgeous flowers into home interiors and offices. Keeping beautiful

Modern Wall Fountains for Tranquil Interior Decorating and Home Staging

Home staging is an art of creating universally appealing living spaces for the market. Interior decorating and home staging to sell create more beautiful, inviting and comfortable homes that stand out from the other

Handmade Snake Decorations and Kids Toys Inspired by Chinese New Year Celebration

Handmade Snake decorations are great craft ideas inspired by 2013 Chinese New Year celebration. According to the lunar calender, 2013 is the Year of the Snake, which starts on February 10. Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Decorations, Flower Arrangements and Paper Crafts

Chinese New Year decorations include vases of pretty tree blossoms, platters of oranges and tangerines, candy trays with eight varieties of dried sweet fruits, Chinese paper lanterns and poetic couplets, happy wishes

Feng Shui Colors for Interior Design and Decor, Yellow Color Shades

According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui, color is important for inviting wealth, health and good mood into your life. The right choice and amount of Feng Shui color not only enhance exterior and interior design and decor

Good Feng Shui Tips for Your Dining Room Decorating with Red Color Accents

Simple Feng SHui tips fpr dining room decorating help create harmonious atmosphere in your home. Good Feng Shui color combination and dining room decorating ideas make your home feel healthy, relaxing, lush and welcoming

Feng Shui Colors 2013, 22 Modern Interior Decorating Ideas for Black Water Snake Year

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year of 2013 is the year of the Black Water Snake, which begins on February 10, 2013 and ends on January 30, 2014. Snake years are associated with dark colors, green

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