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Elegant Modern Lighting Fixtures from TRIO, Space Saving Ideas and Efficient European Designs

space saving interior design with european lights

These elegant modern lighting fixtures, table lamps, chandeliers, pendant lights and floor lamps, from TRIO, a popular German brand, are space saving and efficient, perfect for small spaces and budget decorating. Lushome shares a collection of beautiful, economical and modern home lighting fixtures to demonstrate the latest trends in attractive and eco friendly European designs. These modern lighting fixtures can…

Modern Bathroom Sinks, Wall Mirrors and Bathroom Lights by Emo Design

bathroom sinks, wall mirrors and lighting fixtures

Modern bathroom design is all about stylish fixtures and bathroom furniture. Modern bathroom sinks are one of the elements that add stylish look to these functional rooms. Lushome presents unusual and elegant bathroom sinks, wall mirrors, bathroom lighting fixtures and consoles by Emo Design, Italy. These console sinks, wall mirrors and bathroom lights look gorgeous, blending contemporary and retro-modern ideas…

Contemporary Lighting Design Ideas, LED Lamps by QisDesign

modern lighting fixtures, table lamps

Contemporary lighting design ideas bring innovative material combinations and unusual shapes into room decorating. Designers recycle materials, combine them with stylish colors and energy efficient LED lights, creating unique lamps that are functional, attractive and eco friendly. Lushome presents a few modern lighting design ideas from QisDesign, based in Taiwan. These contemporary lighting fixtures won a few awards, including IF…

Modern Home Furnishings by Russian Designers Reflecting Contemporary Design Trends

unique lighting fixtures and design ideas, lamps

Modern home furnishings, – lighting fixtures and room furniture, created by Russian designers, reflect contemporary design trends and show unique character. Lushome shares an interesting collection of modern home furnishings that look interesting, fresh and exciting. The main design trends in modern furniture and lighting fixtures are environmental friendly ideas and practicality of attractive and functional items. Modern ideas create…

Green Design Ideas, Solar Powered Beach and Garden Umbrellas

umbrellas with solar panels

Solar powered umbrellas are ideal for homes in warm and sunny climates. As the sun starts to shine brighter, these beach umbrellas open and offer shades. This interesting model is proposed by Studio Toer design company and called Cumulus Parasol. Lushome brings this wonderful design idea to its readers and shares pictures of the powered by solar panels beach and…

22 Modern Lighting Design Ideas and Bedroom Decorating Tips

lighting ideas for modern bedroom designs in various styles

Bedroom lighting design is complex and creative task. Modern lighting fixtures in different styles allow to show your creativity and taste. Selecting the perfect lighting design, size and style of lamp shades, materials and colors will created bright and stylish bedroom decorating and add coziness to modern bedroom design. Lushome shares a few tips and bedroom decorating ideas to create…

Modern Interior Design Ideas to Brighten Up Rooms with LED Lighting Fixtures

modern lighting fixtures for home decorating

Modern interior design ideas that use LED lights turn ordinary rooms into spectacular home interiors and add unique look to furniture pieces. LED lighting fixtures and decorative details with LED lights look interesting, offering creative interior design ideas that blend extravagant look with functionality and brighten up modern home interiors. Lushome shares a collection of amazing contemporary interior design ideas,…

Tipi Inspired Table Lamp, Unique Lighting Design Idea

modern lamps for interior decorating

This modern table lamp looks simple and elegant, offering a quick and efficient way of room decorating. The lighting design idea is inspired by a tipi, and looks like a conical tent, traditionally made of wooden poles and animal skins. The tipi was used by the nomadic tribes of the Great Plains. The Tipi lamp features four legs made ​​from…

Styling Interior Design and Home Decor with Unique and Modern Accents

modern i nterior design and decor ideas, unusual frniture, lights and bright room colors

Modern interior design and home decor are about comfort, functionality, safety and aesthetic appeal. Home interiors that are easy to clean, inviting, pleasant and beautiful can be created with the right furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures. Modern accents that blend well with functional and comfortable furniture pieces enhance modern interior design and help style home interiors creating gorgeous rooms….

Unique Lighting Design Idea Reinventing Traditional Jewish Menorah

unique lighting design idea, gas menorah

This modern lighting design idea is inspired by traditional Jewish menorah and blends old and new into an attractive contemporary lighting fixture that provide beautiful candles like glow and decorate modern interiors with unique candelabra shapes. It looks antique and exclusive, bringing symbolic lighting design into modern interior decorating. Zippo Gasolier is a lamp that works on natural gas and…

Modern Lighting Fixtures in Retro Styles Adding Chic Ceiling Decorations to Interior Design

ceiling lights in retro styles, glass and metal chandeliers and hanging lamps

Modern lighting fixtures in retro styles bring clean lines and bright designs into modern interiors, creating functional and impressive ceiling decorations. Sleek and modern lighting fixtures look great with traditional and contemporary interior design, blending elegant simplicity, chic and cozy feel into ultra-glamorous, attractive and modern home interiors. Flowers and glass bubbles, simple geometric shapes and architectural forms look fancy….

Retractable Kitchen Hood Adding Steel Chic to Contemporary Kitchen Design

contemporary kitchen design with steel hood

This contemporary kitchen hood design idea blends industrial feel, innovative look and steel chic into contemporary kitchen design. The metal kitchen hood from Italian designer Samuel Codegoni presents the unconventional hood Paero, perfect for elegant, impressive and functional contemporary kitchens. The design idea from ByCode, is a mix of industrial functionality, minimalism and oriental elegance. The steel kitchen hood…

Modern Decorative Lights, Latest Trends in Christmas Decorating

christmas lights, garlands and holiday decorations

Modern decorative lights reflect latest trends in home decorating, beautifying and personalizing winter holiday decor with creative and unique Christmas lights. Modern Christmas decorations, – Christmas trees, garlands, handmade Christmas decorations and table centerpieces look more attractive, combined with glowing in the dark decorative lights. Decorative lights, especially surprising and innovative string lights, are perfect for enhancing Christmas mood and…

Unusual Wall Decoration Ideas, 3d Compositions and Unique Art Works Painted with Light and Shadows

creating shadows and wall artworks for wall decoration

These creative wall decoration ideas with unique artworks bring contemporary sculptures into modern interiors and add beautiful images to the walls, enhancing room decor in many unexpected ways. These unique artworks blend fabulous 3d compositions with lighting and create amazing pieces painted on walls with shadows. Autodidact artist Teodosio Sectio Aurea, lives and works in Athens, Greece. His artworks…

Unconventional Room Heaters Inspired by Spiral Heating Elements

unusual room heater

This interesting room heater is a creative project by Art Lebedev design studio, one of the largest design firms located in Russia. The unusual, but familiar shape, innovative approach and unconventional design idea turns this room heater into a unique home decoration. Functional and practical, the room heater Boilerus looks unusual, blending a conventional electric product design with a traditional…

Lustrous Hanging Lamps Blending Contemporary and Retro Styles

lighting fixtures with spherical lamp shades in retro style

These modern lighting fixtures are creative, spectacular and impressive. The hanging lamps blend contemporary and retro styles into amazing and innovative sphere lighting design. The Atomic suspension lamps are an artistic interpretation of the molecules structures, symbolizing contemporary design. A set of glossy black and gold plated spherical lamp shades looks fabulous, offering beautiful lighting fixtures for home interiors and…

Modern Furniture and Lighting Fixtures Creating Spectacular Interior Design in Italian Style

italian furniture and lighting fixtures for modern interior design

Modern furniture from Ipe Covalli, combined with exclusive lighting fixtures and decor accessories, create amazing, spectacular and luxurious interiors, blending Italian style and chic with freedom and lightness. Strong contrasts of black-n-white colors, shiny surfaces, silver and golden accents turn rooms into gorgeous and impressive home interiors, perfect for rich and famous. Glass and metal, wood and soft fabrics are…

Unique Lighting Fixtures Laser Cut from Plywood

unique lighting design, laser cutting, plywood

Lamps Hemmesphere are unique lighting fixtures made of plywood by using the laser cutting technique that works wonders and creates amazing home furnishings. Designed and manufactures by Massow, the lighting fixtures look elegant and very attractive. Made of plywood, they feature a grid that add strength and unique look to these modern lighting fixtures. This unique lighting collection includes twelve…

Amazing Crafted Wood Lighting Fixtures Inspired by Flower Petals

unique lighting design, modern lighting fixtures made with wood and inspired by flower petals

Modern lighting designer Tom Raffield created these amazing lighting fixtures inspired by blooming flowers. Blending the nature and modern lighting design, he developed beautiful, innovative and elegant ideas, turning wooden stripes into tender flower petals. The Bloom Light brings beautiful flowers with petals created of bent wood into modern interiors and enhance room design with attractive symmetrical shapes. The lighting…

Unique Lighting Fixtures in Creative Shapes, Modern Lighting in Scandinavian style

designer lighting, porcelain and glass lamps

These unique lighting fixtures are from Northern Lighting, a small Norwegian company founded in 2005 and specializing in lighting design. Young designers created modern lighting fixtures, wall lights, table lamps and pendant lights. inspired by beautiful Norwegian landscapes. Glass hanging lamps Unika were originally designed for restaurants in Copenhagen by designers Anne Luise Due De Fonss and Anders Lundquist. Solid…

Modular Design Ideas for Lighting and Small Home Appliances

modular system of elements for small appliances

Modular design ideas are one of trends that influence modern lighting and small appliances. Modular system of elements for creating lighting fixtures and small appliances is innovative, fresh and practical. The device allows to use various elements for creating several functional things, from a table lamp and fan to a shoe drier, projector and cup warmer. The table lamp and…

Noise Blocking and Sound Filtering Device Making Modern Interiors Quiet and Peaceful

noise blocking and sound filtering device for modern interiors

Noises come from your windows and prevent you from enjoying quiet and pleasant environment. Highway noises, loud conversations, dogs barking and alarm sirens fill your rooms with disturbing noises. Sono is an upcoming sound-neutralizing device for you windows, which helps create quiet and calming working and living spaces. Noise pollution is everywhere, but if you live in an urban area,…

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