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25 Room Dividers with Shelves Improving Open Interior Design and Maximizing Small Spaces

shelving units and storage cabinets on casters, modern interior design ideas for small spaces

Room dividers can be created with shelving units and tall cabinets. These modern furniture items provide additional storage, improve interior design, add interest to room decorating and maximize small spaces in elegant and functional style. Room dividers with shelves are a smart way to redesign living spaces and separate working and living spaces or different functional zones. Simple and elegant,…

20 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Modern Interior Decorating

decorative accessories and room colors for modern interior design

Personal interior decorating ideas include unique small details that change rooms. It is the little details that are vital. Small details, decorative accents, a touch of color and cute little things make big things happen in modern interior decorating. Lushome shares money saving tips, inspirations for recycling and creative interior decorating ideas that show how to personalize rooms. Spring decorating…

20 Roman Shades and Curtain Ideas Creating Beautiful Modern Bedroom Decor

window coverings and modern bedroom decorating ideas

Roman shades and curtains create wonderful, practical and functional combinations of modern window coverings that help create comfortable bedroom decor. Beautiful bedroom ideas that Lushome shares with its readers, may inspire to add these modern window treatments to bedroom designs and improve their functionality and appeal. Elegant decorative fabrics, roman shades, curtains and draperies add a touch of refinement to…

25 Roman Shades and Curtain Ideas to Harmonize Modern Living Rooms with Window Coverings

modern window treatments for living room design and decorating

Modern window coverings are important elements of interior decorating and creating stylish and personal living spaces. Choosing  curtains and blinds for your living room depends on your taste, their appeal and functionality. Lushome present a collection of modern Roman shades and curtain ideas that beautify and harmonize living rooms with attractive, functional and comfortable to use window coverings. Modern window…

22 Modern Office Designs with Personality

office furniture and interior decorating for modern offices

Modern office designs provide great inspirations for creating efficient, comfortable and stylish working spaces. Classic and contemporary office furniture come in all shapes, materials, styles and sizes. Custom made office furniture, especially storage furniture and office desks, maximize small spaces and offer great office design ideas for homes. Contemporary office designs impress with cool ideas, surprising details and stunning wall…

Handmade Felt Portraits of Cats and Dogs Offering Unique Gifts and Home Decorations

pets portraits created with wool felt

3d felting crafts amaze and delight, allowing to recycle and create fabulous artworks, unique gifts and home decorations. Lushome presents fantastic handmade felt portraits of cats and dogs that are inspiring, original and impressive. It is possible to make out of felt lots of home decorations, cute pets portraits and funny toys that make very special and unique gifts. Artist…

33 Walk In Closet Design Ideas to Find Solace in Master Bedroom

bedroom designs with walk in closets and closet organizing tips

Lushome shares a collection of closet designs to organize your master bedroom, bring comfort and luxury into your home. There are few things more luxurious, attractive and stylish than a walk in closet in your master bedroom where you can organize handbags, clothes, shoes and accessories in elegant style. A walk in closet is a great addition to any home…

Futuristic Modern Chairs from Italy, Contemporary Furniture Design in Avant Garde Style

modern chairs, contemporary furniture design in avant garde style

These futuristic modern chairs look impressive and unique. Creative design, beautiful materials and innovative approach design fabulous contemporary furniture pieces for modern interiors. Lushome brings two amazing, comfortable and impressive modern chairs from MastElements. The Type C is added to the modern chairs with leather seats in tribute to the racing car. Designed by Ciro Bergonzi, these beautiful contemporary furniture…

Latest Trends in Home Decorating and Interior Design from Milan

modern interiors, room furniture, lighting fixtures and wall decor ideas

Latest trends in home decorating bring beautiful home furnishings, floor and wall decor ideas, interesting prints, ethnic motifs, luxurious materials and fresh color combinations. Milan 2014 shows modern interiors, home lighting fixtures and furniture design, setting the mood and demonstrating the latest trends in home decorating for 2015. Lushome shares the most spectacular, vivid and innovative design trends and interior…

Modern Bathroom Sinks, Wall Mirrors and Bathroom Lights by Emo Design

bathroom sinks, wall mirrors and lighting fixtures

Modern bathroom design is all about stylish fixtures and bathroom furniture. Modern bathroom sinks are one of the elements that add stylish look to these functional rooms. Lushome presents unusual and elegant bathroom sinks, wall mirrors, bathroom lighting fixtures and consoles by Emo Design, Italy. These console sinks, wall mirrors and bathroom lights look gorgeous, blending contemporary and retro-modern ideas…

22 Ideas for Interior Decorating with Modern Furniture in American Style

wood furniture american style, interior decorating ideas

Traditional American furniture design is a blend of solid wood and natural colors, clean lines and comfortable shapes. Solid wood furniture in natural brown color shades, attractive and practical upholstery fabrics allow to create comfortable interior design with inviting furnishings and decor to match natural textures. Modern furniture in American style demonstrates clean lines, off white and brown color shades,…

Modern Home Furnishings by Russian Designers Reflecting Contemporary Design Trends

unique lighting fixtures and design ideas, lamps

Modern home furnishings, – lighting fixtures and room furniture, created by Russian designers, reflect contemporary design trends and show unique character. Lushome shares an interesting collection of modern home furnishings that look interesting, fresh and exciting. The main design trends in modern furniture and lighting fixtures are environmental friendly ideas and practicality of attractive and functional items. Modern ideas create…

Modern Storage Furniture Featuring Patchwork Panel Doors and Corrugated Metal Look

unique furniture with patchwork panel doors in various colors

These modern furniture for storage features interesting patchwork patterns and corrugated metal look created with door panels. Designed by Doshi Levien, the Shanty cabinets are modern storage furniture pieces that mimic the eclectic materials and show off stylish colors. Lushome brings these innovative storage furniture collection that surprise with unusual look of traditional patchwork patterns. The Shanty cabinet hides a…

30 Modern Interior Design Ideas Adding Fun to Room Decor with Playful Swings and Hammock Chairs

swing and hammock chair designs for room decorating

Swings and hammock chairs are great for outdoor entertainment and indoor fun. Modern interior design with swings and hammock chairs are one of latest trends in decorating homes and offices. These playful seats started to appear in modern interiors often, bringing swinging energy and joy into interior design and room decorating. Lushome shares a collection of modern interior design ideas…

Colorful Striped Chair Design Inspired by Colored Layers of Painted Desert

textile chairs, unique furniture design with colorful stripes

The colorful striped chair, inspired by amazing colors of the Painted Desert in Arizona, is a unique furniture pieces created by designer from Denmark Richard Hutten. Soon the Dutch designer will present in Milan this chair made of 545 different color layers. The inspiration for this unique furniture design project came from colorful fossils forming fantastic desert terrain in Arizona,…

Precious Olive Wood Creating The Millennial Console Tables Collection

solid wood furniture design, console tables with wooden top and metal frame

The Millennial Console is a collection of unusual console tables designed with large olive wood chunks and light metal frames. Using natural materials with all perfect imperfections, and creating a surprising combinations of innovative and original parts are the latest trends in decorating and modern furniture design. Lushome shares these inspiring console table designs. Made of precious olive wood, these…

Colored Glass Vases Enhancing Handmade Decor Accessories with Organic Design

home decorations, handmade vases in various colors

These unusual colored glass vases are envisioned by British designers. The handmade decor accessories mix natural materials, – colored glass, wood, ceramic, metal, brass and copper, creating a gorgeous blend of these beautiful natural materials. Lushome brings the latest collection of decorative vases from Utopia & Utility, which is particularly rich in colors and textures. Modern decor accessories and furniture…

Perfect Solid Wood Stools and Small Tables Created by Robots Recycling Wood Waste

wooden furniture, small tables and stools made by robot

Beautiful solid wood stools and small tables are created by designers Sasha Ritter and Armand Graham and manufactured by robots. Lushome shares this amazing collection Totoro that includes round stools and side tables made of solid wood pieces. Recycling wood waste for modern tables and low stools is a great idea that turn logs into beautiful modern furniture pieces for…

Multifunctional Poufs, Modern Furniture and Storage for Small Spaces

modern furniture with storage and additional features for small spaces

Multifunctional poufs, that feature storage spaces or folded beds, are great ideas for small homes. Buying modern furniture with storage incorporated and multifunctional poufs means you can live comfortable in small spaces without having to be untidy. Lushome shares space saving furniture design ideas and a collection of multifunctional poufs with storage, extra cushions, small tables and folded beds, ideal…

Recycling Leather and Wood for Crafts that Organize and Decorate Modern Kitchens

leather and wood craft ideas for kitchen accessories and home decorations

Recycling leather and wood for crafts and home decorations offers great ideas to decorate home interiors with handmade items. Lushome collected a few craft ideas, – wine bottle organizers, shelves, vases and pendant lights, made with recycled leather and salvaged wood pieces. All these recycled crafts are great for interior decorating. Salvaged wood and leather are wonderful materials for recycled…

20 Modern Kitchen Designs Enhanced with Warm Wood and Sophisticated Leather

modern kitchens with wood and leather furniture for dining areas

One of modern kitchen design trends is blending natural materials and unexpected ideas into unique, beautiful and luxurious home interiors. The functionality of modern kitchen interiors is enhanced and emphasized with a gorgeous wood and leather combination. Wood and leather in kitchen furniture, lamps and decorations bring sophistication and chic into modern kitchen design. Wood and leather can give kitchen…

Recycling Leather for Plant Hangers and Spring Decorating in Eco Style

recycling ideas for home decorating with indoor plants and flowers

Recycling leather items for various home accessories offers great design ideas that are creative, eco friendly and inexpensive. Recycled crafts help to declutter homes, get rid of old and useless items and beautify spring decorating with surprising and charming handmade accents. Lushome found these recycled crafts at and wants to inspire its readers to design plant hangers from leather…

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