Architectural Digest Home Design Trends 2015

latest trends in home decorating and interior design

Recycled and natural materials, nature inspired designs

Architectural Digest Home Design Show is an annual exhibition in New York, which defines the latest trends in decorating and interior design. Lushome shares top home design trends 2015 that are the most interesting, popular and attractive.

Top interior design trends reflect the latest trend in changing lifestyle, fashion, art, furniture design and computer technology. Colorful and comfortable home appliances and room furniture are one of the latest trends that are timelessly stylish, popular and captures the attention.

Retro styles and contemporary designs blend into exciting modern interiors which looks unique and familiar at the same time. Retro styles bring comfortable shapes and room colors and add an eclectic vibe to modern interior design and home decorating.

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7 modern interior design trends

Modern design trends 2015

Colorful kitchen appliances in light pastels

1. Colorful home appliances

Bright home appliances, especially kitchen appliances are one of modern interior design trends 2015. All pastel tones, from tender pink to calming blue, colorful kitchen appliances add beautiful accents to modern kitchen design.

Rich red wine colors, kitchen appliances

2. Flexible and space saving furniture design

Modular furniture allows to personalize interior design and decorating in no time without spending lots of money. Transformer furniture design brings space saving ideas for decorating small apartments and homes, reflecting the modern interior trends.

Space saving furniture design, modern bed
Folding bed design
Built-in design trends
Space saving storage ideas

3. Advanced technology

Advanced mechanic systems that improve comfort of ordinary items, like self closing cabinets and moving hangers on storage racks, add a futuristic feel to modern interior design.

Moving hangers on storage rack
Modern kitchen cabinets in pale blue color

4. Recycling ideas and eco design trends

Recycling ideas, wall decorating materials and room furniture made with burned wood or salvaged wood, recycled paper, leather and fabrics are eco friendly, innovative and creative modern interior design trends 2015.

Salvaged wood furniture design
Salvaged wood wall design materials

5. Ergonomic design and interactive computer technology

Ergonomic furniture design and built-in systems create elegant and space saving interior design. Ergonomic design and interactive elements bring computer technology into modern kitchens.

Ergonomic design features for modern kitchens
Interactive contemporary design ideas for modern kitchens

6. House plants and natural materials

Green house plants and nature inspired designs, natural and recycled materials are blend the latest trends with traditional ideas, and add a natural feel to modern interior design and home decorating.

Green house plants, eco trends in home decorating
Recycled and natural materials, nature inspired designs

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 07.04.2015